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I have to disagree fully with you. I edit and critique more than 200 books a year. I see a lot of projects land in my lap that are previously published (failed) novels, with the primary concern being “I had my book for sale, but a lot of people complained about all the mistakes in there.” Some of these books had been “edited” and still were horribly riddled with copy errors.

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Well, good analogy. Investing in professional editing and proofreading (and especially getting a critique down) is a kind of insurance. Or ensurance. If you want to ensure you’ll have a great, marketable novel, and not curse the waste of years of your life trying to publish a flawed book, it makes sense to pay the premium. Really …

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I charge per page rather than by word, because even at .02 cents per word, I’m cheaper, because I know it can be expensive and therefore a deterrent. I include development, line editing, and proofreading in the cost, as well as a critique because I want to help, but I want to be paid appropriately for all the time and effort I put into the work. Yet more times than I can count I see people posting quote requests for novels of 50,000-125,000 words with a budget of $200-500, which is so unrealistic and no professional editor would touch.

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Thanks for sharing all those helpful insights! I can’t overemphasize, though, the need to pay for professional editing. Most authors don’t know how to properly edit and proofread their books to the appropriate style for their publishing audience (CMOS for US style, UK style rules, etc.). One of the worst things a writer can do is scrimp on paying for editing, which roughly averages about $2,500 US from content edit to proofread/final product. Writers who self-publish books full of copy errors risk adversely affecting their reputation as a professional writer. It is possible to get editing done on the cheap, but it may not be done well. Thoughts on that?

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Thank you so much for this data. I wish I did my research but as a novice in the writing business, I feel like I did my best. I spent close to $3,000.00 total, and that included ISBN, distribution, US Copywriting, book cover, editing, and a website setup. My novel is available on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and LuLu. I am still struggling to either do a second edition or just move on. I am currently writing my second book, and unlike a biography like my first, its a dark comedic look at beauty. Now I have a better spectrum and vision for this new one. Thanks guys! My novel is entitled Divided Canaan by Rachelle Michel, feel free to check it out.

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That makes up the $140 to $530 I spend now. But when I start paying my editors in cash instead of via bartering or deferment, the total cost per 100,000-word novel will be closer to $4000.

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For example, if your editor is writing something herself, you can offer to beta read the manuscript for a discount. If you have design skills, you can offer to design a book cover or website or what-have-you in exchange for editing or a discount on the price. You can even barter honest reviews for a discount. (Note that I said “honest,” please.)

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Quality structure and editing is key to a quality book — but money isn’t the only thing of value we have to trade for it. When we see numbers in the thousands of dollars tossed out as imperative to self-publishing, a lot of authors will run scared from publishing at all. But when we see options like bartering or trading advertising or testimonials/reviews in lieu of cash, a lot of doors open, and authors with brilliant ideas who can’t shoulder high upfront costs are able to share their ideas with readers.