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The Empire State Building is a must visit when coming to New York but to be honest, the view from Top of the Rock is better because you can see ESB. Like any tourist attraction, the lines are longer during peak tourist season and there isn't much to keep you entertained as you go up (like One World). If you are having to choose between the two, I would recommend Top of the Rock but if you are wanting that "iconic movie" moment in New York, choose ESB.

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The Empire State Building is a 102-story Art Deco skyscraper in Midtown Manhattan, New York City

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One of the most iconic buildings in the world, the Empire State Building is the emblem of New York City. Built in an amazing 18 months during the depths of the Great Depression, it is the epitome of the skyscraper. The views from the top are spectacular, although as many have noted, ESB isn't part of the view! No matter; you can also climb to the Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center. Both are time-consuming and pricey, but well worth it. The Art Deco lobbies of ESB are less impressive than Rock Center, but are still awesome. Interesting trivia: ESB was originally designed with a flat roof, like Rock Center; the glorious stainless-steel apex we see was added to provide a landing platform for a dirigible, which proved to be an impossible idea, and the finial spire was added for television transmission before most people had TVs.

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Empire State Building is part of NYC history. Representing the marvel that is the modern sky scraper, the architecture, business and culture of the times are on display for all to see. Busy part of a notoriously busy city, there are tour guides, bus tours, and general tourist traps everywhere around here. This is one of them. Wait on line, buy a ticket to board an elevator. Wait on another line for another elevator. Gift shop. Gift shop. Observation deck! Selfie. Selfie. Wait on line to get back on elevator. Overall it's one of those things that you do once, then you're like "Sorry, I already checked it off my list..." The art deco style is really interesting. The staff is polite. Most everything is pretty well cleaned. I've come here for some business meetings and getting checked in and through security you also get to wait on line. It's okay though, it builds character and helps build suspense. In a kind of good way.

The Empire State Building is a world-famous 102-story skyscraper located in New York City

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This iconic building truly is the heart and soul of New York City. A symbol of The Empire State, The Concrete Jungle, The Big Apple. The Empire State Building is a tower of shimmering ever changing lights that makes the New York City skyline as breathtaking and recognizable as it is. No first time visit to Manhattan would be complete without a ride up to the amazing 102nd floor observation deck for unparalleled views of the city. Though there are plenty of trendy places to visit in this great city, the Empire State Building offers a piece of history, a symbol of stability in this vast changing metropolis, and an unforgettable experience.

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The first thing I wanted to do as a tourist from London was to visit the Empire State Building, and boy it did not disappoint! My friend and I visited in the evening, almost at midnight when there were no long queues and just breathtaking views! It was one of the most memorable moments of our trip, seeing the beautiful New York skyline all lit up felt so surreal! A real moment of self reflection and admiration of the city. Simply stunning and a must for anyone visiting the big apple!

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It’s one of the iconic building of NYC. Going to its top to admire the view is definitely something to do. It’s expensive ($54) but you visit several levels. The experience is unique. On the top, you have an amazing view over New York because the Empire State Building is really hight and on the center of Manhattan. You can see Wall Street, Broadway, bridges of Manhattan… The best moment is during the sunset. Colors are beautiful and you can see the city transition's from day to night, with all buildings light'