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Addiction means always having to say you are sorry à and finally, when being sorry is no longer good enough for others who have been repeatedly hurt by the addiction, addiction often means being sorry all alone.

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forgeries and deceptions is intriguing enough by itself to pique the curiosity ..

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It seems everywhere we turn we see examples of the intentional insertion into mainstream culture, of "chemtrailing" jets or just the trails themselves, as in the repulsive remastering of old movies to include sprayed trails in skies where none existed in earlier generation copies of the movies in question. Not to mention the conscience-free bullshit disseminated by NASA regarding cloud-type charts for use as educational tools in our childrens' classrooms or online, which depict "chemtrails" as a routine and "perfectly normal" occurrence in our skies, thereby legitimizing their existence in the minds of young people. How many government computer-geek psy-op agents sit at their computers all day, every day, whose job is to implant disinformation pieces and various brainwashing memes into the MSM and/or internet/youtube/commercial advertising/ WHEREVER?? This is an ongoing psy-op and I am simply calling "bullshit" on their bullshit. Once again, as I have recently complained, so much of what our so-called government does is shrouded in massive and intricate mazes of deception, the current election of Donald Trump being just a new chapter. Trump is the perfect persona to foment division, distraction, dismay, and distress on a variety of socio-cultural and environmental fronts, to keep huge segments of the population all atwitter about everything and anything BUT the massive planet-blanketing deployments of SAG and HAARP etc. Whether the puppetmasters are behind the Trump phenomenon, or whether we did to ourselves, you have to think that AT SOME POINT the real and final truth about geoengineering will go mainstream. We can only hope that vast swaths of humanity will still be rational enough to realize the extent to which they've been poisoned, mind-controlled, altered, or otherwise diminished to virtually nothing.

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Again, the "experts" tell us that the "ice boulder" phenomenon is a "natural" occurrence. But if this is so, why is there no long term historical record (or pre 1945 photographs) of this phenomenon occurring? There is no such long term record (pre 1945) because the ridiculously uniform . The climate engineeres became very active in the polar regions immediately after the end of WWll, . Again, about the ice anomalies being "natural, the "experts" are simply lying, as they are paid to do. We are all swimming in a sea of lies and deception that is propagated by countless individuals in academia, media, and "official sources", who have . When will the population reactivate their sense of sanity and reason? When will the population recognize that our geoengineered skies should not look like they do? When will the population face the fact that on the lower floors? And why can't the masses discern that miles of shorelines covered with almost perfectly uniform and symmetrical "ice boulders" is completely unnatural?

At least the deception was good enough to make Isaac unsure of who was before him.
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