Throwback Thursday! Home Again!

Ken and Ken haul in plenty of nice pollack and red fish in deep water beyond the Bank. "Yeah Elmer, nice fish and plenty of them!" crowed Captain Ken of the DUO fame. "Flat calm what a day!"

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Throw in a couple of nice fluke and you have yourself a day.

"I'll be getting the arrows sharpened and the tree stand ready." sighed the Deer Hunter. "I hate to see fishing end but the deer are nice and fat and the season is changing."

Greg Myerson once again claims Striper Crown!

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Pairs of swans were flying all around us, along with many great blue herons. A Bald Eagle and a couple of different hawks flew overhead and assorted ducks filled the sky all morning. All in all a good last day. Another reminder of the passing ice season was awaiting us at home.


"I was stunned!" gasped the Captain. "I never expected it at all. I had Twig working the crowd for me but he didn't think I had the votes to make it." Vivian, alias the Angel, owner of Anita Marie"s in downtown Rockland, was gracious in defeat."That G-No and his tuna stole votes from me!" lamented Vivian. "Hope you enjoy your next breakfast, Dave. I am going to cook you up a special meal!" "Can't I just get Zipcode to cook it?" said the Captain, There was the usual grumbling from some of the also rans. "Even Billy Bob got a vote and I didn't!" scowled Elmer. " Everyone wants to kick the top guy!" "I didn't get any either Elmer." said Jimdogg. "I had to vote for myself!" said Billy Bob. " But I got on the board!" Witha G was confused. "I thought I voted for myself but I never got a vote! I want a recount!" "All ballots are destroyed when the Grand Poobah declares a winner!" explained Jimdogg the official recorder. "No recounts!" "Captain Dave got me my best stripers." said Dan Who, last year's winner. "It was a tough vote."

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Today we have an over abundance of some protected species such as the gray seal. Where once there were few, now there are many. Estimates of the size of the Massachusetts herd vary, most agree that 20,000 could be conservative. Seals are now common all along the South Shore and they can be seen in every harbor in the State. Most days 100s of seals can be seen basking on rocks along the Manomet beaches. 100s more can be seen bobbing up and down amongst the flocks of sea ducks as you scan with your binoculars. Fishermen across the State want some sort of herd reduction policy put into place to help the already over taxed fishing stocks recover. A seal will eat 28-45 pounds of fish a day, do the math.(Policies need review)

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