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MacDonaldtestified as to meetings he had with Cicotte and Jackson before theirgrand jury testimony. Cicotte told him, he said, that afterhitting the first batter in Game One "he played on the square." Cicotte told the judge he used his $10,000 pay-off to take care of amortgage on a Michigan farm and buy stock. Jackson told the judgehe was first approached in New York about participating in the fix, andmade clear that it would take at least $20,000 for him to join. The initial offer, Jackson said to the judge, was so low "a commonlaborer wouldn't do a job like that for that price." MacDonaldsaid that Jackson was concerned that his grand jury testimony be keptsecret because he "was afraid Swede Risberg was going to bump him off,to use Jackson's words." On July 27, the confessions of Cicotte,Williams, and Jackson were read in court. According to anewspaper report of the trial, "The actual transcript of theconfessions varied little from the frequently published reports ofthem." In Cicotte's confession, he expressed misgivings about hisparticipation: "I would gladly have given back the $10,000 theypaid me with interest." Jackson denied makingany intentional fielding errors, but told the judge that he "might havetriedharder."
Billy Maharg was the state's finalwitness. The gambler confirmed Burns's story about an intialmeeting in New York involving Cicotte and Gandil. Mahargtestified that Attell told him that Rothstein had agreed to finance thefix in return for his having once saved Rothstein's life. He alsosaid that the first payment of $10,000 to Burns came when Attell pulledthe money "from a great pile of bills under his mattress," money thatRothstein had apparently sent by wire.
The defense presented a variety ofalibi, character, and White Sox players and team officials aswitnesses.

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The Bulletin of the Center for Childrens Books states, "This has the classic trimmings of an Amerian bildungsroman, with subtle incorporation of the initiation of a young hero into adult complexities that include sex, work, honor and dishonor....The narrative is clearly focused and will hold junior high and high school readers on the strength of its fine-tuned psychological and physical pacing." Farm Team also contains fine humor that can have you laughing out loud.
Weaver's latest published work Hard Ball, continues Billy's story.

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The cattle farm is still managed by the zu Bentheim family, while the guest farm belongs to Mark and Nadia zu Bentheim and their parents Sabine and Alex Ruegg. Together with the rest of the Weaver’s Rock Team, we want to make your stay a memorable one. Experience life on a farm in Namibia and enjoy the vistas which nature presents to us every day. Come with time, relax and re-energize in the serenity and quietness of our tranquil surrounding. We speak English, German, Afrikaans, Swiss German and a little French, Spanish and Italian. Team Weaver’s Rock and our special diplomatic envoys, the dogs, horses and other animals, look forward to welcome you.

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