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This week Congress will face its fourth consecutive CR deadline and there are rumblings of yet another CR to fund the government through the end of March. During this time, it is possible that the president’s FY2019 budget will be introduced before we see a budget deal and a full spending package for FY2018. This will make an already confusing funding situation even more so.

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While funding persists, so does uncertainty surrounding the improvements in program quality and efficiency. The federal government should allow state and local governments to compete amongst each other to promote better management practices, policymaking, and the implementation of programs that matter to the particular state or locality. And states and localities should either pay for it independently or find ways to make it affordable within their budgetary means.

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The chart above plots federal spending on grants to state and local governments between 1960 and 2017. After the 1960s, a huge expansion in aid came with the changes in policy.

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Budget FY 2017 - Federal Credit Supplement Federal Credit Supplement documents.

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09/05/2017 · Education experts discuss changes to schools and universities following the federal treasurer's budget speech.

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