There is no divorce in the Philippines.

When part of the garbage mountain collapsed on July 11, partly weakened from a recent typhoon, garbage crashed down onto the huts and shacks below and caught fire, apparently ignited by fallen power cables and stoves in the huts. Many people were trapped and killed and more are still missing.
- Unfortunately, this is the latest in a long row of accidents related to inadequate solid waste management in the region, says UNEP's Regional Director, Mr.

Living in the Philippines has been an awesome experience.

Hope you’ll join me in fermenting and spreading the Garbage Enzyme revolution!

I am fully agree with you. Let’s go together to Philippines!

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PWP is based in the Philippines with members in 20 countries.

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Note: please make all guys who love the philippines, do respect the girls and dont act there like an damn horney white ASS…..
I do hope some foreigners would stop degrading the image of the Philippines due to one sad experience with one.

The Philippines was named in honor of King Philip II of Spain

This is my humble opinion, but you should meet her in the Philippines, but before that, travel around a bit in the country before you meet her. Also ask yourself why you are meeting a girl so far from where you live? You are young so you have something going for you and against you.

no garbage philippines – A Dream Lived Greener

So, i decided to be single….. BUT. i still think Philippine as well as Asian girls be in average better as Western gils……
so, in 2weeks i am going back to philippines…and i will not look for a girl….it will come in time…its not necessary to look for it….(Gilrs on Dating sides are most just looking for money.
But, i am sure i will have more fun without my Ex in my back…..last time i was in philippine with her, visited her family…even there she get cracy and argue in front of her dad with me(reason, she didnt want to dance)…..her dad told her, she is more worst then her dog……..i tried my best with her 8 month more…..until i had no energy anymore…

Children Living in the Garbage, Payatas, Manila, Philippines

Kevin this is an excellent article ..I couldn’t disagree with anything you said. I was fortunate enough to have a childhood friend of mine marry a fillipino. .and they introduced me to a cousin… your reply to the self righteous Ann was spot on. These people deal with death all the time. It’s crazy what they have to deal with. My girl is a province girl but I prefer it that way. My thinking is her values are more in place than a girl raised in Manila. .but that is just my opinion. She is motivated to graduate college not just be a day to day like someone stated. She is going to finish college in the states with me. It is her dream to finish. I am 25 years older. I only had one person tell me how bad I was..I told her that’s because she lives in the states and not the Philippines. .anyway .if just got back and the petition is submitted. .here is hoping for a speedy approval.