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Editor-in-Chief: Terence R. Flotte, MD
ISSN: 1946-6536 • Bimonthly • Online ISSN: 1946-6544
• • Human Gene Therapy Methods (HGT Methods) publishes technological advances in cell and gene therapy that promote the development of gene therapy products into successful therapeutics. The Journal breaks new ground as the first to exclusively focus on the applications of gene therapy to product testing and development.

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To have powers derived from a direct result of genetic mutations that can be either artificial..

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Editor-in-Chief: Terence R. Flotte, MD
Deputy Editors, Europe: Nathalie Cartier, MD and Thierry VandenDriessche, PhD
Deputy Editors, U.S.: Barry J. Byrne, MD, PhD and Mark A. Kay, MD, PhD
Human Gene Therapy Editor: Guangping Gao, PhD
Methods Editor: Hildegard Büning, PhD
Clinical Development Editor: James M. Wilson, MD, PhD

Gene therapy is a ‘mini gene transplant’

AGTC is developing therapies designed to transform the lives of patients with severe diseases, offering hope to patients with unmet medical needs. With a highly specialized team of physicians and researchers, we use cutting-edge techniques to develop treatments for patients that have diseases caused by broken genes. We use gene therapy, which replaces those broken genes with normal functional genes, allowing a patient’s own body to produce proteins to treat their illness. A single injection provides long-lasting treatment, leading to a better quality of life for patients worldwide.

Doctors use gene therapy to correct the defect that causes haemophilia A.

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Human Gene Therapy is the premier, multidisciplinary journal covering all aspects of gene therapy. The Journal publishes in-depth coverage of DNA, RNA, and cell therapies by delivering the latest breakthroughs in research and technologies. Human Gene Therapy provides a central forum for scientific and clinical information, including ethical, legal, regulatory, social, and commercial issues, which enables the advancement and progress of therapeutic procedures leading to improved patient outcomes, and ultimately, to curing diseases.

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The Journal is divided into three parts. , the flagship, is published 12 times per year. , a bimonthly journal, focuses on the applications of gene therapy to product testing and development., a quarterly journal, serves as a venue for publishing data relevant to the regulatory review and commercial development of cell and gene therapy products.

A potential approach to the treatment of genetic disorders in man is gene therapy.

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Human Gene Therapy, HGT Methods, and HGT Clinical Development are under the editorial leadership of Editor-in-Chief Terence R. Flotte, MD, University of Massachusetts Medical School; Deput Editors Europe Nathalie Cartier, MD, INSERM, and Thierry VandenDriessche, PhD, Free University of Brussels (VUB); Deputy Editors U.S. Barry J. Byrne, MD, PhD, Powell Gene Therapy Center, University of Florida, College of Medicine and Mark A. Kay, MD, PhD, Stanford University School of Medicine; Human Gene Therapy Editor Guangping Gao, PhD, University of Massachusetts Medical School; Methods Editor Hildegard Büning, PhD, University of Cologne; Clinical Development Editor James M. Wilson, MD, PhD, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Gene Therapy Program; and other leading investigators. View the entire .

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Human Gene Therapy was voted one of the most influential journals in Biology and Medicine over the last 100 years by the Biomedical & Life Sciences Division of the Special Libraries Association.

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Audience: Geneticists, medical geneticists, molecular biologists, virologists, experimental researchers, and experimental medicine specialists, among others.