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How many times have you tried to quit already? Some of those attempts may have been more successful than others, you might have lasted for a few weeks or months, only to find your self a smoker again.

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It doesn’t work. Ask any ex-smoker. The next time you quit, it’s got to be forever.
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With things that I want to do and achieve, continuing to smoke is not my answer, this much I realize, but I need a way that will help me quit amist’d smokers in the home. I plan once again to try and quit. I know that it is not going to be easy cold turkey, given the years, but it is something that I have to do to improve my over all good health. What I need is a way to accomplish that with smokers around me.

Every year, many smokers give them up

I’ve had the exact same problem. I think it is a self-limiting belief to be honest. I live with 2 smokers (close siblings) in the house and for months (even years) I kept telling myself it’s impossible to quit as long as they are smoking as I will be constantly surrounded by the smoke and it will be 100 times more difficult.

I am wanting to quit smoking but know I can’t do cold turkey. How does the vaping work?
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Hello all I am trying to give up smoking ..

No need to Quit Smoking, just stop smoking, if you fail and light up after a few days no need to panic you stop smoking again until you completely stop smoking.

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Thank you for your message; I really clicked with it. I just quit 2 days ago and I am happier already but am prepared for the withdrawals to begin. I am married for 6 months and my husband hates the smell of the smoke and to tell you the truth, so do I! I smoke in the house and have spent so much money on glade candles its insane! $3.50per candle is the regular price and I have collected about 75 jars (this doesn’t include about 50 I have thrown away). I added it up and welp, Im done. I would appreciate emailing you from time to time if that is okay. Thanks

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Bonz, people like you make me so mad!! I’m guessing you don’t smoke? I am 32 and have been smoking sense I am 14. I know not the best choice. I have tried every possible way to quit but kept going back. I was up to 2 packs of Newport a day. I started feeling horrible. Today I am on day 3 of vaping and cig free. I just made the jump. Already I feel better, my wife says I don’t smell like smoke and that is just in 3 days. I am coughing a little, but no where near like I was. I wish all you smokers out there luck. I know it’s hard. If anyone has any question or wants to talk about why I stopped email me.

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I bought my first e-cig from a local shop and was fleeced as I paid £29 for a unit that would have cost me £5 on e-bay. Tried it out on day one but kept smoking cigarettes at the same time. I ended up losing the e-cig and went back analog. Three weeks later I met a guy vaping on a vision spinner with K1 glassomizer. Told him my experience and he suggested I try go for the same set up as him. Gave this a thought and made my way to amazon having thought of the future and what I wanted for my newborn son. My set-up arrived and when I inhaled my first vape from this I loved it. The day I decided to quit I smoked my last cigarette and promised not to buy any more cigarettes. Its been eight days now and I havent smoked a single cigarette. My sense of smell has already improved loads and I have started to hate the smell of cigarettes myself. Not the smell you get when you first light up but the smell that sticks to fabric (the stale smell). The stale smell of cigarettes when I encounter it has been a game changer so far as it makes me think everytime I crave a cigarette. I ask myself, “did I used to smell this bad after every cigarette”? The only downside however is I have started eating alot of candy but I know this will be easy to break once all the cigarette cravings disappear. I am also spending more time with my family as the need to smoke does not surface when I am with my missus and son. All in all the one week I havent smoked had made a big difference to me and also to my relationship with my loved ones at large.