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While the behavior of the bureaucrats is understandable, the harshest truth is that, with sovereignty no longer invested in a autocrat like Diocletian, the ultimate "greed" today is derived from the voters.

We finally get into a period with secure historical dating.

This is part of the history of India, but the kingdom is listed with other  monarchies.

), or "Count," another title with a long history in the Middle Ages.

Paludan mentions the loss of over 100,000 Chinese in the very last, three week long battle of the Mongol conquest of the Southern Sung, off Kwantung in 1279 [p.147], and the proposal by Bayan, chancellor of Toghan-Temür, to exterminate "all Chinese with the five most popular names, some 90 per cent of the population!" [p.157].

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Goodrich mentions how Qubilai Khân, emulating Shih-huang-ti, tried to suppress Taoism, ordering (1258 & 1281) that all of its books (with some exceptions) be burned [, pp.183-184].

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After what is now called the "Roman Warming," we get into the "." The tree ring record of 540 in Ireland is that "the trees stopped growing." Procopius said that, "For the sun gave forth its light without brightness, like the moon, during this whole year [536], and it seemed exceedingly like the sun in eclipse, for the beams it shed were not clear nor such as it is accustomed to shed" [translated by H.B.

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This not only meant starvation, with a death rate, according to Chinese sources (it may be exaggerated), of 70% to 90% in places, but also epidemics, which may have been the Bugonic Plague (to effect London in 1665) or smallpox, or both.

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The Mongols did need to build a fleet to defeat the Sung, even as the Sung had learned early on that their position in the South meant that they would be more involved with maritime matters.

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Without the manpower to put down the Ostrogoths more swiftly and effectively, Justinian devastated Italy in a way that would not have otherwise been necessary and that had not been effected by the original "barbarian invasions" as such.

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Also perhaps because of his origins, the Ming Founder was suspicious of the Scholars and sought to balance their influence in the Court with a competing Military institution of comparable depth and prestige.

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Tambora in 1815 resulted in a "year without summer," it is not hard to imagine the eruption of one of the major Indonesian volcanoes (or elsewhere) producing similar results for 535-536.