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Our school is located beautifully on the outskirts of the city of Heidelberg, surrounded by lush meadows and a majestic view of the hills of the "Bergstraße". The Neckar River meanders close by.

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The study program is situated at two partner institutions, the Graduate School of Letters (GSL) of Kyoto University and the Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies (HCTS) of Heidelberg University. Students enrolled in the program begin their studies at one of these two partners, their home institution, but spend an equal amount of time at the other university. Supervised by international faculty of both, the GSL and the HCTS, students submit a single master thesis to receive a Master of Arts degree jointly awarded by both universities upon completion.

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One taught English in a German middle school, the other taught German to American students at Pepperdine University, where her husband was the (German) business manager of the Heidelberg branch.

Schools included Patrick Henry Elementary School (Grades K-5) and Heidelberg Middle School (Grades 6-8).

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Oklahoma native Revelle, 46, has been in Heidelberg for about a year, in a succession of jobs at HQ USAREUR in the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, Logistics.

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Classes commence at 8 am and typically end between 12.30 to 5 pm depending on the level of the class. The curriculum at our school is based on Steiner’s understanding of the development of human nature and of how children learn at different stages in their lives. Each class at a Waldorf school begins with the so-called "main lesson" from 8 am to 9.40 am. In each case nearly 2 hours are devoted every morning to a main subject for blocks of 3 to 4 weeks. This format of teaching allows for in-depth study and nurtures deeper understanding. These main lessons include subjects such as history, trigonometry, botany, physics and poetry. Throughout the lower school the main lesson is taught by the class teacher. Thereafter specialist teaching begins in subjects such as foreign languages, the arts and movement disciplines. In these subjects the class is usually split into smaller teaching units to ensure more individual support.

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His most recent ODCSLOG job was as chief of the Base Operations Division.

Asked what are the biggest challenges coming up for Heidelberg and the 26th Area Support Group, he says, "As we've come to recognize in USAREUR over the last several years, change is the main challenge that we have to deal with.

Geographic Locations identified as part of Heidelberg MILCOM in USAREUR Reg 10-20, 14 Dec 1978 (1):

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Heidelberg is widely regarded as a modern and cosmopolitan city with a distinct international flair and presents itself as a lively center in the bustling metropolitan region, Rhine-Neckar. At the same time Heidelberg looks back proudly on its 800-year heritage and boasts a 625 year old highly esteemed university (founded in 1386) as the oldest university in Germany.

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From Heidelberg, one can also reach many other German cities by train, for example:
Mannheim (45 min), Frankfurt (60 min.) Stuttgart (50 min.) Karlsruhe (40 min), Munich (180), Cologne (180 min), Berlin (4 h)

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The first distinctively Australian school of painting flowered in the decades immediately before Federation in 1901. It was based on naturalism, painting in the open air and representing themes from the national life. Australian sunlight became the emblem of a burgeoning nationalism and the new art of the Heidelberg School. In 1889, the first self-consciously event in the colonies took place. It was The 9 × 5 impression exhibition held in Buxton’s Rooms, Melbourne. It featured impressions of bush and city life rapidly painted on cigar box lids by the heroes of the new movement, Tom Roberts (1856–1931), Arthur Streeton (1867–1943), Charles Conder (1868–1909) and Frederick McCubbin (1855–1917).