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The following list may be incomplete, as Adrian Doveroften adds new etexts of James's shortstories to his site.

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;;;;(with the long working note and extracts from the notebook entries);
NEW: The Beast in the Jungle; Sir Dominick Ferrand; The Way It Came (title later changed in the NYE to "The Friends of the Friends"; The Siege of London ;
The Abasement of the Northmores; The Altar of the Dead; The BeldonaldHolbein; The Bench of Desolation; The Birthplace; Broken Wings; Brooksmith;Collaboration; Covering End; Crapy Cornelia; A Day of Days; Flickerbridge; Fordham Castle; Georgina's Reasons; The Given Case; The Great Condition; John Delavoy; Julia Bride; Lady Barberina;The Last of the Valerii; The Liar; A Light Man; A London Life; Lord Beaupr'e; Louisa Pallant; Master Eustace; Maud-Evelyn; Miss Gunton ofPoughkeepsie; The Modern Warning; Mora Montravers; Mrs.

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Iyer, New Delhi - The defence of Henry James's late style (in section V) should not be missed.

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This first conference of the centenary year will take place in London, James's adopted home and the location of much of his fiction, and will be hosted by the Eccles Centre for American Studies at the British Library, one of the world's greatest libraries.

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It was during these three years of his Cambridge life that Ibecame acquainted with his work. He had already printed atale--"The Story of a Year"--in the "Atlantic Monthly," when Iwas asked to be Mr. Fields's assistant in the management, and itwas my fortune to read Mr. James's second contribution inmanuscript. "Would you take it?" asked my chief. "Yes, and allthe stories you can get from the writer." One is much securer ofone's judgment at twenty-nine than, say, at forty-five; but ifthis was a mistake of mine I am not yet old enough to regret it. The story was called "Poor Richard," and it dealt with theconscience of a man very much in love with a woman who loved hisrival. He told this rival a lie, which sent him away to hisdeath on the field,--in that day nearly every fictitiouspersonage had something to do with the war,--but Poor Richard'slie did not win him his love. It still seems to me that thesituation was strongly and finely felt. One's pity went, as itshould, with the liar; but the whole story had a pathos whichlingers in my mind equally with a sense of the new literaryqualities which gave me such delight in it. I admired, as wemust in all that Mr. James has written, the finished workmanshipin which there is no loss of vigor; the luminous and uncommon useof words, the originality of phrase, the whole clear andbeautiful style, which I confess I weakly liked the better forthe occasional gallicisms remaining from an inveterate habit ofFrench. Those who know the writings of Mr. Henry James willrecognize the inherited felicity of diction which is so strikingin the writings of Mr. Henry James, Jr. The son's diction is notso racy as the father's; it lacks its daring, but it is asfortunate and graphic; and I cannot give it greater praise thanthis, though it has, when he will, a splendor and state which iswholly its own.

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He was born in New York city in the year 1843, and his firstlessons in life and letters were the best which themetropolis--so small in the perspective diminishing to thatdate--could afford. In his twelfth year his family went abroad,and after some stay in England made a long sojourn in France andSwitzerland. They returned to America in 1860, placingthemselves at Newport, and for a year or two Mr. James was at theHarvard Law School, where, perhaps, he did not study a great dealof law. His father removed from Newport to Cambridge in 1866,and there Mr. James remained till he went abroad, three yearslater, for the residence in England and Italy which, withinfrequent visits home, has continued ever since.

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