Volume 1 (Hip Hop Instrumental Mixtape)"

But whatabout the Jamaican "sound system" tradition which predated those Bronxblock parties, and were clearly a major influence?Hip-hop's roots are not Jamaican, nor Puerto Rican, norAfrican American, but African.

Volume 1 (Hip Hop Instrumental Mixtape)


3 (Hip Hop Instrumentals For The Streets)"

The corporate takeover of hip-hop hastakenaway much of the creativity and genius, except for the undergroundstuff, andthat rare album where an artist is allowed to grow and shine rather thanbeing forced to follow a formula.

3 (Hip Hop Instrumentals For The Streets)

For example, not only am I curatingthisexhibit, lecturing around the country, writing books, articles, etc., Inowmanage a young hip-hop DJ and four young hip-hop producers because Ifelt itimportant to engage people directly rather than be an armchair criticwhoain't even trying to turn this apolitical madness around.

4 (Hip Hop Instrumentals For The Streets)"
 Underground hip hop artist from London, Huey X drops his new album “Heavy Heart” EP.

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