Economics and Geography BSc (Econ).

You will select 4.0 credits from a wide range of second- or third-year optional modules in Economics and in Geography, ensuring that a minimum of three units has been taken in each subject over years two and three.


Both UCL Geography and UCL Economics departments are consistently very highly ..

department of history and geography

Survey of the history of international relations (political, military, economic, cultural, and environmental) in the 20th century. Covers Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas, with emphasis on global events and issues from non-U.S. perspectives.

Density economies and transport geography: Evidence …

Social, economic, and cultural challenges and achievements in U.S. life as they are reflected in political history. Emphasis upon domestic affairs, supplemented by foreign concerns that have presented fundamental choices to the American people.

Basic historical survey of the growth of urban-industrial American civilization and its rise to world power, 1877-present.


Study of the history of water in California, including its social, cultural, legal, economic, political, land use, and environmental significance.

History of Science Study Guide - Beautiful Feet Books

Study of the social, cultural, economic, political, and environmental influences of the California Gold Rush in the contexts of state, national, and world history.

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Political history of the Civil War and Reconstruction. Topics include sectionalism; slavery, westward expansion, secession, the conduct of the war, industrialization, and the changing status of African Americans.

History, in the broad sense, is the study of all human experience

Supervised classroom observations and historical research to assist with curriculum development in secondary grade level history classrooms, with accredited schools, teaching related agencies and organizations. Students improve historical research skills, content mastery, and develop knowledge of using primary sources in history teaching. Students are exposed to secondary grade level history classrooms and observe instructional methods.

You can then choose a further economics module and will also take between three and four geography modules from the following:

economics (econ 45.06) education (educ 13.10)

Surveys Middle Eastern history from 1800 to the present. Topics include: the late Ottoman Empire; World War I and state creation; western imperialism; Arab nationalism; Zionism; state building; modern economies and traditional societies; Islam and the modern state; and the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Historical economic geography examines the history and development of spatial economic structure.

History of economic thought - Wikipedia

Political, social, economic and cultural history of the Mexican upheaval, from 1910 to 1920, and the development of Modern Mexico since 1920.

history program; pre-geography minor; department of interdisciplinary studies

Resource: The Power of Place: Geography for the 21st …

Note: Limited to upper division majors in the pre-credential program and students who have an interest in teaching history at the secondary level.