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But municipal water service was demanded and a committee was appointed to investigate the two plants which had been bought-the purchase of the plant of the Jamestown Water Supply Company and the erection of a new plant.

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The Jamestown Water Supply Company had surceeded to the earlier rights and franchises granted by village trustees and city aldermen, and had a plant which gave the city satisfactory pressure for fire protection, and there was no objection to the quality of the water or the service.

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In retiring, Major Hiram Smith, one of the trustees, took occasion to review briefly the past history of Jamestown and express his confidence in the ability and integrity of the newly elected officials.

In addition to the usual city officials, Jamestown has a board of estimate and review, a board of water and lighting commissioners, a board of hospital commissioners, a board of park and city planning commissioners, and a civil service commission.

Jamestown was one of the pioneer cities of New York in advocating municipal ownership of public utilities.

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The Warren & Jamestown Street Railway Company connects Jamestown with Warren, Pennsylvania, while excursion steamers make frequent trips around the lake touching at the various landings.

Jamestown took upon herself the dignity of a city, April 19, 1886, after nearly a year spent in the discussion of the details incident to the preparation of a city charter.

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Jamestown is connected with the New York Central system by the Jamestown, Westfield & Northwestern railway and the Chautauqua Traction Company, the lines of these roads extending from Jamestown to Westfield on both sides of Chautauqua Lake.

In keeping with Quaker values and as the town prospered, education became a cornerstone of Jamestown.

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The municipal lighting plant was won after a long fight, and at a special election held September 26, 1890, three propositions were submitted to the voters of Jamestown- one to issue bonds for the construction of a sewer system, carried; another, to issue bonds for paving, lost; another, to issue bonds for the equipment of an electric light plant.

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Less than 1 per cent, of our total tax levy remains uncollected in any year.

We call your attention to our sanitary method of handling garbage by which each householder is required to wrap his garbage in paper bundles thereby minimizing the task of its collection and rendering it suitable for consumption by some 500 hogs, making an inexpensive substitute for a disposal plant.

Our milk supply is subject to a bacteriological test at a laboratory conducted by our Health Department.

And all our health regulations are such that Jamestown now enjoys, I believe, the lowest death rate of any city in this State.

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but on submission of the question to the voters of the county the proposition was lost, there being 282 votes cast "against" in Jamestown, which had they been cast "for" would have brought the county seat to Jamestown.