But it turned into an urban civil war

Added to his economic program, designed to appeal to the ruined middle-class elements, he put forward his slogans of extreme nationalism and racism--the union of all Germans on the basis of self-determination in a greater Germany. It was not until 1928 that he came forward with a program for the farmers, who had become rich during the war on high prices resulting from the blockade. In 1932, when mass unemployment assumed unprecedented proportions in Germany, he promised work for all the unemployed.

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Then came the war. It lifted Hitler from obscurity into a state of exaltation.

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On Aug. 31 Danzig announced its rejoining of the Reich. Ribbentrop summoned Henderson and read to him a sixteen-point program for settlement of the Polish dispute. The same day Warsaw disclosed that the program had never been submitted to the Polish Government.

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The conquest of Austria was barely two months old when Hitler raised the question of Czechoslovakia by mobilizing and threatening to invade her. On that occasion the Czechs countered with their own mobilization, and Hitler appeared to hold back his blow. But in September, 1938, he raised the question of the annexation of the Sudeten country to Germany, after instigating, as he had in Austria, a state of civil war in that region as an excuse for intervention.

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The Poles had a non-aggression treaty with Hitler, concluded by the Fuehrer with Marshal Pilsudski, the Polish dictator, on Jan. 26, 1934, under which both nations were obligated not to go to war over any dispute that might arise between them. The treaty was for ten years.

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The Polish crisis, which served as the immediate prelude to the second World War, began to manifest itself not long after Hitler's seizure of Czechoslovakia, following the annexation of the Sudeten territory in September, 1938.

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We have joined battle with it and will fight it to the death.We are enemies of cowardly pacifism because we recognize that accordingto the laws of nature, struggle is the father of all things.

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It adopted impulse proceeding fromthe pre-First World War youth movement (romanticism of communal experience),glorified the comradeship of combat in war, and took on Communist and Fascistcharacteristics.

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The subsequent events that led to the advance of the German troops into Poland on Sept. 1, 1939, and the ensuing declarations of war by England and France against Germany in defense of Poland and, as later events showed, also in defense of Russia, developed as follows:

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From March, 1939, the relations between Germany and Poland began to deteriorate rapidly. The situation in Danzig grew tense. The controlled German press set up a hue and cry about Polish "oppression." On April 28, 1939, Hitler addressed a memorandum to Warsaw announcing the abrupt abrogation of the 1934 nonaggression treaty. There was no provision in the pact for such unilateral action.