As another of Mayer's Nazi friends noted:

Our entire struggle is a battle for the soul of our people. It is further a structure, a structure consisting of those minds who are the bearers of our worldview and who will be the foundation of the new state. In November 1918 the old colors were lowered. These colors have however for us a special significance, not because they were the symbol of the former state, but because they flew before us during four and a half years of battle. One does not soil that for which one has fought for four and one half years. In doing so, one soils only his own honor. When democracy lowered the old colors it did not soil the lasting fame of the German army, but rather established an eternal monument to its own shame, a monument that will live longer than this state. One can lower the colors, but one can not destroy the content of four and one half years, it is an historical fact. The Republic chose its own colors. With bitter pain we saw it reach impotently into an earlier period of German history for its colors. Today it is clear that the Republic could not succeed even in winning the general respect of its citizens for these colors. Today it only suggests that these colors were once really quite respectable.

Hitler and Germany: 1928 to 1935 - World History

Mayer’s burning question was, “How does something like Nazi Germany happen?”

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“Outside, in the streets, in the general community, everyone is happy. One hears no protest, and certainly sees none. You know, in France or Italy there will be slogans against the government painted on walls and fences; in Germany, outside the great cities, perhaps, there is not even this.

Was there any public statue of Adolf Hitler in Germany

“Pastor Niemoller spoke for the thousands and thousands of men like me when he spoke (too modestly of himself) and said that, when the Nazis attacked the Communists, he was a little uneasy, but, after all, he was not a Communist, and so he did nothing: and then they attacked the Socialists, and he was a little uneasier, but, still, he was not a Socialist, and he did nothing; and then the schools, the press, the Jews, and so on, and he was always uneasier, but still he did nothing. And then they attacked the Church, and he was a Churchman, and he did something – but then it was too late.” …

This was the great problem that Mayer's Nazis and so many others in their day faced.

Germany under the Rule of Hitler by Gareth Jones, 1933

Political leaders! Leaders of the Labor Service, the forces of labor! Women’s leaders, HJ leaders! Leaders of the BDM! You will now take an oath to Adolf Hitler!

Hitler's Furies: The Nazi women who were every bit as …

SA, SS, and political leaders have a common tradition, embodied in the “Old Guard.” It includes all who fought, sacrificed, suffered, risked or gave their lives for Germany’s resurrection under National Socialism. It has the honor to have bled and sacrificed for our people’s future. You have earned the thanks of all who enjoy the blessings of life in a new Reich. It is a Reich led by men who share a desire for national freedom, socialist community and peace in dignity and honor.

Amon Goeth, Hitlers nazi butcher - Auschwitz

Shortly after World War II, Mayer, an American journalist and college instructor, went to Germany and befriended a small group of 10 “ordinary Germans” who had lived and worked through the war, and interviewed them in depth.

The End: Hitler’s Germany, 1944-45 | History Today

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You take an oath to a man whom you know follows the laws of providence, which he obeys independently of the influence of earthly powers, who leads the German people rightly, and who will guide Germany’s fate. Through your oath you bind yourselves to a man who — that is our faith — was sent to us by higher powers. Do not seek Adolf Hitler with your mind. You will find him through the strength of your hearts!