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You'll note that the demonstrator is dressed completely in white. During the 1930s, the discipline of "Home Economics" was on the rise, teaching home makers about the latest, most efficient, most nutritious, etc. etc. domestic items and practices. During this time, pratcitioners of Home Economics wore white uniforms, probably because the only female authority figures were nurses. You can be certain that this lady took her professional responsibilities seriously.

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The Blue Lion is located in a charming historic house that owner, Ned Brown, purchased in 1978

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'It reached a point where we were practically obliged to make it, but when it began showing up in every restaurant I took it off the menu."...Then there's Sarabeth Levine, the owner of Sarabeth's Kitchen, who said she was making little warm chocolate souffle cakes with deliciously moist centers years ago...Wolfgang Puck, the owner of Spago in Los Angeles, has been servinga similar dessert, chocolate suprise cake, for a couple of months...At Mesa Grille in New York, Bobby Flay makes a similarfallen souffle cake with a ganache center sharpened with a touch of ancho chili...Despite the variations and embellishments conceived by various chefs, the genesis might well be French home cooking as done by Mr.

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"Now Call the Gang...:Special Barbecued Ribs, Skillet Potatoes, Cabbage-Pepper Slaw, Buttered Salt Sticks, Big Strawberries for Dunking in Sour Cream orConfectioners' Sugar, Sparkling Iced Tea.
"Hawaiian Special: Honolulu Punch, Hawaiian Short Ribs, Chinese Fried Rice, Buttered Peas and Carrots, Avocado-Orange Salad with Fruit FrenchDressing, Toasty Cheese-topped Loaf, Tropical Parfait, Hot Coffee.
Twilight Buffet: Spiced Crabapple Kabobs, Perfect Fried Chicken, Hartwell Farm Corn Pudding, Hot Muffins, Polka-dot Fruit Cup (Blueberries, Raspberries and strawberries spirnked with coconut), Cheese Tray, Assorted Crackers, Hot Coffee.
Family Fresh-air Special: Sizzling Ham Slices, Foil-baked Tomatoes with Onion, Hot German Potato Salad, Slim-jim Bread Sticks, Warm Cherry Pie, Campfire Coffee, Mugs of Milk.
Friday Barbecue:...Grilled Fish Foldovers, Corn on the Cob, Western Salad Nowl, Garlic Dressing, Toast Cheese Bread, Lemon Serbet, Coffee.
Home-style Back-yard Supper: Warm-ups (heated potato chips or crackers on the grill), Grilled Minute Steaks Buns, Indian-style Corn on the Cog, Dutch Cucumbbers, Picked Beets, Chocolate Cake with Fudge Frosting, Ice Cream Cups, Limeade, Popcorn, Toasted Marshmallows.
When You Ask Folks Over: Seafood Fancy, Peas and Mushrooms, Summer Aspic, Water Cress and Cauliflowerets, Cheese Straws, Fresh Blueberry Tarts, Iced Tea.
Hot-off-the-grill Quickie: Ham Line-up Loaf (sandwich composed of French Bread, deviled ham, pickle relish & tomato slice; fillings inserted into thinly sliced bread, wrapped in foil, baked & served whole, Easier-than-falling-off-a-log French Fries ("With beverage-can opener, punch hole in top of French Fries or shoestring potatoes.

In the 1930s instructions for baking cup cakes baked in paper cases were promoted by popular home economists.

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