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Seriously? Suffrage to do what? To vote for either Lenin or Lenin, or Stalin or Stalin, or Khrushchev. The Soviet Union was a one-party state where the only legal political party under the Soviet constitution (Article 6) was the Communist Party. So, women had the right to vote for essentially nothing. Their choice was one of one choice — meaning no choices.

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Finally, there was the popular unrest of the late 1960's - early 1970's. Such unrest,to a certain extent, showed that the US practiced what it preached; this kind of dissentwas only allowable in a liberal democracy such as the US. However, someone of Kennan's ilkwould have worried about the divided front this offered to the Soviets and the world; anAmerica of "brawling, chanting" and disorderly citizens. Another threat was theincrease in people accepting the communist viewpoint via revisionist scholarship, which heabhorred. The unrest posed another threat, internally, in that it might cause a reaction,which would swing power to "right-wing demagogues." (Mayers 286) Still, it wasduring this period that the US policy of detente developed, so Kennan's ideas were beingbetter reflected abroad than at home.

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Thus, the murder of the last emperor of a dynasty that had ruled Russia for three centuries not only symbolically presaged the Communist mass slaughter that would claim so many Russian lives in the decades that followed, but was symbolic of the Communist effort to kill the soul and spirit of Russia itself.

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Of course, the conflict in the Third World continued unabated, if not increasing, inthis period. The Soviets stepped up their aid to revolutionary movements, and acquired aset of vassal states. Kennan would not have cared much about Soviet exploits in thisregard, but the US performed was rarely less active. The continuing infatuation with thespread of communist regimes in the third world was not a part of the Kennan focus, and thecoup against Allende in Chile, or the fight against the Marxists in Angola, were simplynot part of his grand strategy.

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I was speechless at that claim, staring at the text in amazement, bracing myself for an explanation of how anyone could make such a ludicrous claim. Which fabulous rights did Russian women gain that had made them “better off” than women anywhere else? The text provided an explanation in the next sentence: Russian girls as early as 1920 had access to abortion.

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Another reason so many Soviet women entered the workforce was that the Bolsheviks lifted the divorce prohibition when they seized power. For some women, this enabled them to break a bad marriage. For many women, however, the option of easy-divorce was a curse rather than a blessing. It enabled their husbands to abandon them, leaving them to fend for the family themselves. Divorce rates sky-rocketed under Soviet communism, blowing away numbers seen in America today or any society. The Soviet family was the biggest casualty.

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And yet, for a real idea of what Soviet communism did for women, one is better served looking to the labor of the gulag rather than the office place. From 1934-38 one of every eight Soviet women and men perished in the gulag. In the Ukraine alone in the early 1930s, millions of women starved to death as a result of Stalin’s forced collectivization of agriculture. A typical form of labor for a Soviet woman was waiting in line for food.

Rackham, Loeb Classical Library, 1926, 1982, p

Now and then its heartening for someone to fire a bombastic blast at the asinine. Although I subscribe and read the Times some of its opinions and editorials deserve a good blast of well established reality. Can anyone name one prominent woman during the long Stalin era. Molly Wolanski published an anthology of authors who studied the role of women during the Soviet era and nothing stands out regarding their role apart from the Marxist ideology of women in the fields, factories. Rights? Kengor marks the right to abortion as a crowning achievement for women in Communist Russia. And for feminists. The Times exec editor recently expressed intent for more varied open journalism. So far that needs to be seen. A great article well researched.