The essay "Shooting an Elephant" relates to this situation.

Finally, he was not interested in his moral righteousness as evidenced when he said:

"I was very glad that coolie had been killed; it put me in right and it gave me a sufficient pretext for shooting the elephant."

Diction & Description
The author uses eastern terminology:
Bazaar (eastern marketplace)
Betel (leaf of a plant chewed in Burma)

Words from Latin:
Saecula saeculorum (the idea of eternity, "in a century of centuries")
In terrorem ("into/about fear," is a legal warning, given in hope of compelling someone to act without resorting to a lawsuit or criminal prosecution)

Words related to the Hindu culture:
Raj (government or rule)
Mahout (elephant keeper and driver)
Coolie (a hired laborer)
Mahout (skilled elephant trainer and handler)
Coringhee (From or having to do with the town of Coringa, India.

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In “Shooting an Elephant,” George Orwell describes his experience of shooting an elephant.

George Orwell "Shooting An Elephant" rhetorical analysis essay.

He said his organisation had suggested that unique elephants should be collared to protect them from hunting. “We have suggested before to all concerned parties that each elephant area should collar a few with biggest tusks, so that we do not shoot them,” he said. "Nobody responded to our suggestion last year. We believe this might now be taken seriously.”

“Shooting an Elephant”: A Stylistic Analysis .

Wildlife authorities in Kenya shoot between 50 and 120 problem elephants each year and dozens of elephants are poisoned each year in oil palm plantations in Indonesia.

Over the last 100 years, populations have declined from 3-5 million to 470,000-690,000 and populations have declined from 100,000 to between 35,000 and 50,000.

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Some suggested that the elephant might be a massive bull called Nkombo, who was a satellite collared elephant from the Kruger who lost his collar in 2014. Nkombo was however spotted in the Kruger on October 3, making it unlikely that he would have completed a journey of several hundred miles in five days.

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"Shooting an Elephant" is the story of a British policeman in Moulmein, a city in Burma, that is torn between shooting or not shooting an elephant that has gone ramped.

The other option is to ignore his conscience and shoot the elephant.

The elephant must be slain so that Orwell's pride can live. Walking closer to the elephant can get Orwell killed, and worse, some of the Burmese might laugh if that happens. Considering the laughter, Orwell says, "That would never do." Leaving without shooting the elephant is also not an option: "A sahib has to act like a sahib; he has got to appear resolute, to know his own mind and do definite things," implying that the Burmese will see him as weak if he seems to change his mind about slaying the beast. The British have created a proud image that they demand the Burmese respect, but they are trapped by having to live within that image. Orwell ignores his conscience and shoots the elephant, and he compounds his sin by botching the execution. Bullets shot into the wrong spot cause the poor animal to die "very slowly and in great agony." In spite of Orwell putting "shot after shot into his heart and down his throat," the elephant lives thirty minutes after its "tortured gasps" force Orwell to leave. Many years later, Orwell still seems bothered by the fact that pride, not necessity, caused him to destroy the animal.

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Elephants are also capable of making low frequency sounds that are below the human range of hearing; this allows wandering individuals within the herd as well as several different herds to stay in direct contact over distances of many miles.Elephant Facts … Did You know ?Elephants stomp when they walk.Elephants sleep standing up.Sometimes baby elephants lie down to sleep.Elephants bathe. Sometimes the spray dirt on themselves to get the parasites off. Sometimes they bathe in mudElephants live in herds.They cool off by fanning their ears. This cools the blood in their ears. That blood goes to the rest of their body and cools off the elephant.They poop 80 pounds in one day.Elephants weigh 10,000 pounds. It would take 250 students to add up to 10,000 pounds.They collect food with their trunks.Only grown up ladies and their babies live in the herds.The daddy elephants leave the herd when they are 12 years old.They fight with their tusks.They eat grass and bark.During the wet season they eat things low to the ground.During the dry season they use their trunk to gather food from trees and bushes.They suck up water into their trunks and shoot it into their mouths.Elephants need lots of room to roam and eat. (Some of us think that this must mean they are not happy in the zoo or in the circus.)They can run 24mph for short distances.More about Back to

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"He told me when he and his client were stalking this elephant he saw the tusks were big but did not realise just how big until afterwards and he saw them close. He is going back to see if he can find the lower jaw and bring it back so we can accurately age this elephant,” he told The Telegraph.

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However, the incident of shooting of an elephant gives him a “better glimpse … of the real nature of imperialism – the real motives for which despotic government act” (13)....