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I find these questions to be thoughtful, but not as critical as a more experienced questioner might pose. For example, in posing questions about comparison, the discussion can end up being simply a list of similarities and differences. These are good preliminary questions for addressing the questions that I would like the students to consider. For example, how might the depiction of these women be connected with the nature of the political system in which they lived? I would also like students to consider whether the depiction of women is an accurate reflection of the roles they actually played.

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If they have never met them, how do they know the women are not scams or if the women even exist?
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—How do the women in Athens and the women in Sparta compare and contrast with women in present day America? Remember, not every woman in America lives the way you might live.”

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Overall, the texts work well, because they show that the lives of Athenian and Spartan women are so dramatically different from each other and yet students generally come to the class with the assumption that Greek society is a monolithic entity. Since I am trying to get them to recognize that social structure and gender attributes are culturally specific, it is even more powerful to use evidence from two different cultures that they have seen as one.

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—How was the role of women different in Athens compared to the role of women in Sparta? What do you think the women’s roles were exactly and do you think they were okay with their roles as women?

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And the boys who were beingtold what to do were low status, by virtue of doing what theywere told."This dynamic is important to remember when looking at anothermajor area of miscommunication between men and women.

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These agencies have never met the women who are in their database and have no idea of who you are corresponding with. They have simply purchased their database.

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Many women think the signs of a heart attack are unmistakable — the image of the elephant comes to mind — but in fact they can be subtler and sometimes confusing.

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He has created a false public sentiment, by giving to the world a different code of morals for men and women, by which moral delinquencies which exclude women from society, are not only tolerated but deemed of little account in man.