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An 18 page paper. Lutheran Refugee Service is part of the Lutheran Family Service organization. This essay provides a brief historical overview, mission, vision and value statements, comments about human resource management, and a SWOT analysis of Lutheran Refugee Service with an emphasis on services in Nebraska. The paper also comments on leadership, fiscal management and responsibility, marketing, the impact of government and ethical and legal issues. Bibliography lists 19 sources.

Human Resource Management in Context

Human Resource Management in Context

Human Resource Management in context

A 5 page paper discussing whether HR is really changing or only appears to be. Not too many years ago, Human Resources (HR) was the poor relation of the corporate world�it was believed that the existence of individual HR departments was necessary, if only for the record keeping function they performed. As business is increasingly competitive, however, HR is taking on a much more active role in the organization's strategy planning, often while outsourcing much of the administrative work for which they previously were responsible. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

Human Resource Management in context

5 pages. The success of Human Resource professionals lies in their relationship with line managers. The line managers are Human Resources� primary customers. This paper fully explores the development of Human Resource Management as a model and the relationship of HR to line management. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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This 20 page paper discusses a number of issues related to strategic HR management. Following a general introduction that discusses how strategic HR management is defined in the literature, the writer addresses three issues: how strategic approaches can be used with a sample of HR management functions; an analysis of the factors related to effective HR management; and the most recent perspectives regarding HRM and future trends of human resource management. 1 table included that compares the effectiveness of several functions in HR departments that are business partners of the firm with those that are not partners. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

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10 pages in length. The extent to which the combined efforts of human relations, human needs and human resources are inextricably related to human resource management is a critical component of contemporary commerce that far too many companies do not realize. A stellar human resource development program without the benefit of these three all-important aspects precludes any improvement; by the same token, capable human resource management without the guiding force of a strong development program has nothing upon which to build positive growth. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

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Whether you are starting a career in Human Resource Management or are already working in the sector, and if you would like to progress at a professional level, this Human Resource Management Masters which is accredited by the CIPD can help you to achieve your career goals. Our business school holds devolved status from the CIPD and was given after ten years of student performance above the national average in all areas

Advancing multilevel thinking in human resource management research: Applications and guidelines

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This 7 page paper looks at the topic of human resource management and considers how the practice of the discipline reflects the words. The paper looks at what human resource management is, how it can be seen as dealing with both resource issues and human issues. The bibliography cites 5 sources.

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This 13 pages report is written as a speech for a keynote speaker at an annual meeting of corporate human resource executives, from a variety of companies. The topic is the importance help employees improve their health, which ultimately improves the bottom line of the corporation. The HR people need to understand that healthy employees are better employees and use less of the organization's medical and healthcare benefits. Humor, quotations, statistics, and tips on public speaking are included. Bibliography lists 8 sources.