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Ultimately, Donald Trump's brand is chaos. The shutdown of the federal government last week is only the latest example. Trump and the Republicans are using that chaos to destroy the federal government, undermine the social safety net, and render hollow any notion of shared political and social community. White identity politics is one of their primary weapons in this crusade.

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Donald Trump is a racial authoritarian and a petit-fascist. The Republican Party and its voters overwhelmingly support him. Trump used white identity politics, in the form of nativism and right-wing "producerism," to win the White House.

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Trump and the Republican Party also believe in a vision of American society organized around the Herrenvolk or "master race" principle, where the dominance of white people over nonwhites is the basis of "democracy" and the broader social order. This is the practical goal of white identity politics, which also serves the important purpose of manipulating in the pursuit of shared economic interests.

How did white identity politics fuel the Republican Party's political hostage-taking, which in turn, led to the recent government shutdown?

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White identity politics has several elements. They include racial resentment, a sense of entitlement, a belief that the political and social concerns of whites (especially white conservative Christian heterosexual men) are "natural" and "normal" while the political and social concerns of nonwhites (and other groups) are illegitimate, and a belief that whites are the "real Americans" and that white people as a group must have a superior position over others.

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Conservatives also advance a narrative that emphasizes "rugged individualism" and "freedom" from the federal government. This ignores the color line and the ways and through various means, while nonwhites have been systematically denied such resources. Here, white identity politics has literal material value. That material value is a double-edged sword as well -- one used to legitimately destroy the social safety net and take away other public resources which white Americans also depend upon.

White identity politics has an especially powerful hold over today's Republican Party and the conservative movement as a whole.

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Moreover, one cannot ignore how white identity politics also has great psychological value because it facilitates the lies that too many white Americans still hold on to about their own lives and their own communities.

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In total, Republican lies about the recent (and short-lived) government shutdown should be a reminder of the enduring power that white identity politics still possesses -- often in surprising ways -- in America.

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White identity politics is a social and political force that harms sick children, threatens to ruin the lives of people who have contributed to American society for decades, and can even be mobilized to hold the federal government hostage in exchange for a wall on the Mexican border.