Hope you are alright now. Take care. Kiran

My son was recently in an alcohol related car accident, still unsure of the driver (either him or the other person), the other person did not make it. There is not much hope that he was not driving but I still pray, he is only 20 and his girlfriend is 7 months pregnant, I don’t know how to go on. I feel as if I failed somewhere.

Pieter Sanders,Surrey, England.

It’s never going to go away. We are still friends.

My sincere thoughts to those of you for whom fate was not so kind.

Thank you for sharing . your words are exactly how I feel, crushed and ugly. My accident was 20 months ago, a boating accident causing the death of a friends teen age son. it was devastating and there was many of us involved from the kids on the boat to the friends and family on the shore as first responders. It was horrific , his injuries caused his death 4 days after the event. I have been doing many things from counseling to listening to religious passages on the radio, reading books. All have helped greatly. I feel I am moving forward, but I struggle with his family, they have not wanted to see me talk to me, this is difficult as we live in a small town and our paths have crossed. The mother has verbally attacked me many times and just recently she had a few people with her and they were very aggressive to me. This accident is very traumatic and horrific, I would never intentionally do anything to hurt him or his family.

Thank you Maryann for creating this site.

I definitely feel your pain. I hit a pedestrian with a .39 bac. He had to have been almost comatose. Yet, here I am, a year later, still dealing with the legal and human variables. I struggle with survivors guilt every day.

EMDR is so powerful and simple. I wish for more people to learn about it.

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Just prior to spring break in the final semester of my senior year of my undergraduate studies in Milwaukee, I was walking to class three abreast with two friends when we came upon the crosswalk in front of the university library on Wisconsin Avenue at 14th Street and a car protruded into the crosswalk causing the three of us to each take one step to the left and into traffic where a municipal bus struck me directly on the wallet in the left rear pocket of my jeans and propelled me 10-15 feet through the air onto the sidewalk and into the grass, ripping my sweatshirt at the elbow but otherwise leaving me unharmed except for a deep hematoma that blackened my left leg for several weeks after the incident. I spoke briefly with the bus driver and we exchanged names, and I urgently asserted to him that I had an extremely important mid-term exam for which I could not afford to be late, with the result that he would have to deal with the traffic jam and police report without my assistance. The incident was clearly caused by my friends and I because we were oblivious of the municipal bus obliviously traversing the busy thoroughfare. I lost the name of the bus driver and we never reconnected. I did not consult a physician and my leg healed and I graduated. I hope the bus driver got over it.

Thank you for your interest in this topic

My brother was 5 years old when he was struck by a car at sunset on a street near our home. Our babysitter and I stood close enough to hold hands with my brother when he stepped out between two parked cars and was completely run over by the car driven by our neighbor who never even saw him in the slanting rays of the setting sun. The impact shattered his femur and fibia and tibia and the ambulance took him to the hospital while I raced home on foot to tell my disbelieving mother the incomprehensible story. He ultimately recovered after spending weeks in traction, months in a body cast and wheelchair, and nearly losing his leg to gangrene. His recovery was nearly complete except for the post traumatic stress disorder that continues to plague him fifty years later in 2018, costing him several years of temporary disability due to depression and sheer inability to work/function along with a variety of inexplicable symptoms. It was clearly an accident caused entirely by my 5-year old brother, and we quickly forgave our neighbor and got on with our lives.

Every day we get through without experiencing a tragedy is, I believe, a blessing.

Try to know some peace. You do deserve it.

I was ALMOST hit when I was on a bike. I was a young teenager and I lived in the country. I was riding on the very narrow shoulder right in front of my house. I heard one car go by and assumed that was the only car, so I turned out into the lane. There was another car coming close behind the first one. The driver was able to swerve around me with squealing tires into the oncoming lane, and also there was no car coming in the opposite direction, or it would have been a horrible accident, and it would have been my fault. If the driver had hit me, I would have felt that I deserved it. I simply felt at fault and stupid. I have a feeling that this little boy that the site host hit would have felt the same way. It sounds to me like the reason he ran out in front of the car was probably the same as why I turned in front of the car.

I agree that would be so comforting to not feel isolated in our trauma!

Take care Allen – you have understanding company here.

Anger evaporated and I rushed out the door to be with my son. I arrived relatively quickly, trailing the fire truck and blowing past a civilian trying to block traffic from that road. I yelled out he’s my son and kept going as a cruiser pulled in behind me to barricade off the road.

Am so sorry. Could happen to anyone. I wish I could make the pain less.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank You!

Hi my name is Jennifer my accident was 15months ago. I would love to connect with you. I agree so little resources and help! So grateful to this site and Maryann leading the way!