an integrated marketing communications (IMC)

Prereq: , or STAT 401
Marketing research methods are examined with emphasis on the use of advanced research methods in business research. Application of advanced sampling, measurement, and data analysis methods in research on market segmentation, market structure, consumers' perceptions and decision processes, marketing communication, new product development, and pricing.

Integrated Marketing Communications

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(4) Focus on a clear marketing communications strategy. Have crystal clear communications objectives; clear positioning statements. Link core values into every communication. Ensure all communications add value to (instead of dilute) the brand or organisation. Exploit areas of sustainable competitive advantage.

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(8) Develop a Good Marketing Information System which defines who needs what information when. A customer database for example, can help the telesales, direct marketing and sales force. IMC can help to define, collect and share vital information.

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Examines the complicated nature and dynamics of interpersonal violence. Presents a general overview of interpersonal violence, such as definitions, characteristics, and theoretical models; and various sources of data on interpersonal violence and measurement issues. Provides the historical development and evolution of the multidisciplinary response to interpersonal violence including law enforcement response, specialized courts, and treatment programs; civil actions; and the role of community and human service agencies. Current issues and innovations related to interpersonal violence are integrates throughout the course. prerequisite: none

let's FIRSTbegin with a look at this 'thing' called Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)

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The digital revolution is constantly challenging businesses and managers to adapt to new realities. Many organizations are establishing market leadership in today's competitive environment by mastering digital innovation. This course is designed to assist students in understanding that the fundamental nature of digital innovation is not about information technology, but is about thinking differently about how to organize to create value. It aims to equip students to competently identify technological and organizational opportunities, lead digital initiatives and develop new business models for existing and emerging organizations. Topics include digital disruption and innovation, digital platforms, digital business models and digital product and service development.

Integrated marketing communications is a marketing strategy that has emerged in the recent past

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Designed to be one of the first two courses in business for M.S. in Innovation Management and Technology Commercialization candidates from non-business backgrounds. Topics covered focus on aspects of business and management studies relevant to new venture creation and innovation. These include small-team formation and leadership, creativity, marketing new products and services and other relevant topics. prerequisite: admission to the M.S. in Innovation Management and Technology Commercialization program or permission of instructor

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Independent and original design project supervised by one or more faculty members. Product reflects an understanding of graphic design principles and demonstrates excellence in conceptualizing and executing design solutions to communication problems. Finished work is reviewed by a faculty committee. Pass/fail grading. Eligible for continuing studies (CS) grade. Lab fee required. prerequisites: all other M.F.A. in Integrated Design coursework and program director’s approval of thesis topic prior to registration