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Want to model for Bullz-Eye? All models must be at least 18 years old. if you want to be considered! Also, let us know if you're a fitness model who would like to be interviewed or have some of your photos featured in a gallery.

‘What is the most important thing to me?’

A woman who deploys a male sense of humor—one that's aggressive or competitive—is a turnoff to men

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For most of us, fly fishing is always moving forward - a hobby or way of life, where you can learn for ever. That is one of the asåects that make fly fishingso interesting - and giving. Perhaps through my profession as an archaeologist, fly fishing's long and rich history is another important aspect. A history which seamlessly unites with fly fishing anno 2018. For example, I love the long story, the beauty and the eccectiveness of the sparse North Country Spider - 200 year old creations that do as well now as they always have - even at the terminal end of my space-age fly tackle.

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Stockholm next ... I'm a bit in hurry packing for the Sports Fishing Fair 2018 at Stockholm Fair 16-18 March
Sportfiskemässan is the largest fair in Sweden in sports fishing. Here people meet with common interests to watch news, try out activities, compete, watch boats and book fishing trips. The fair has strong partners in companies, organizations and schools. In addition, the fair has ambitions to increase interest in sport fishing and promote fishing.

Welcome to this year's Sportfiskemässa, which will take place at Stockholm Stock Exchange on 16-18 March

Last year we hit a new record at Elmia and had 14 821 visitors! Over the years, the exhibition has grown both in terms of exhibitors and visitors and is now the sporting industry's big annual event / industry event where "everyone" is participating!

Not only is Milk good for your teeth, it’s also good for your bones and muscles and you know how I like to take care of my large boner!
What To Do During Your Job Interview Be Aware of Your Body Language and Tone of Voice It is important to be relaxed and confident.

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It has laces on the panties and bra for quick and easy release, wrist-cuffs which can be used to restrain me if I need to be taken advantage of, and a neck leash for times when I need to be used and under someone’s complete control.

Women love a tight stomach -- and a new Western Illinois University study confirms it. Women rated abs as the sexiest muscles on a man’s body, w

Top 10 Most Important Discoveries in Astronomy - …

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