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The biggest problem Muslims see with Christianity is that ourperception of man degrades us and our dignity. Conversion to Islamis not based on the condemnation of the world. The Christian viewof man is contradictory to the Muslim view of our essential nature(created in the Best Form). In Christianity we believe in originalsin and that man is totally depraved in his efforts to be reconciledto God. In Christianity, humans have both SIN and sins. In Islam,humans only has sins. Since they are created in the Best Formwe need to ask them then where their sin came from. They willsay it came from Satan and their parents' example. Then ask wheretheir parents' sin came from?

For Christians, Jesus atones for the forgiveness of our sins,both sins and SIN. Remember that original sin is a difficult conceptfor Muslims and will take time.

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I fully agree with you. The ruling that dogs can be kept for certain purposes but not as a pet is untenable. One cannot keep a dog (especially a guide dog) without having to be near it: to feed it, to wash it, to show gratefulness (or affection, why not) to it and to treat it if its sick. Any saliva, even that of humans, has germs in them. OK one may use dirt/earth to cleanse things mainly because those are coarse and rough. We have all kinds of scrubs now. Then, there is our current knowledge about antiseptics including the antimicrobial and cleansing properties of soap. In my country Malaysia we use dogs for all kinds of purposes including catching criminals, crowd control, detection of drugs, search for victims of calamities or natural disasters or lost persons. However, we insist that all handlers are non-Muslims. Why this hypocrisy? We have to look at issues from a balanced perspective. Even if we want to belief those hadiths regarding the killing of dogs and not keeping them at home we must consider that the Prophet, as much as we love him, is an ordinary human being. The Quran describes nicely the fitrah of the dog. It has beneficial and endearing characteristics that the much beloved cat do not have. If you love a cat, the dog is equally, if not more, fitting of our love.

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He realised illumination, fana, or what the Sufi's know as 'death to one's self' and 'passing away in the Divine Beloved,' exclaiming: Viewed from the perspective of mainstream Islamic law, such a declaration is indeed shocking and forbidden.

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