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This incredible authors name is Jamaica Kincaid who has written many wonderful books but one in particular is My Brother it is not a novel but a memoir.

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The Psychosocial Sources of Conflict in "Girl" -As discussed by Ifeona Fulani (author of analytical publication in Frontiers: A Journal of Women's Studies), Kincaid is very consciously including the patriarchal constraints on the mother-daughter relationship in"Girl" and in her novel, Lucy
-"Their maternal discourse becomes a mode of induction into narrative of gender, race, family, community and nation that teach the daughter her place and her role within these hierarchies" (Fulani, 1).

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But in Lucy : A Novel I think Kincaid wanted to be Lucy and never have to go back to her family because it seemed like nothing ever good came out of them.

At the very end of her novel Lucy becomes someone, a better person and has a good job and has her own apartment.
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Lucy: A Novel came out before her memoir and I believe in her fiction novel she wanted to be Lucy because Lucy never went back even though it was her mind that was always there and thinking of her family she never physically went.

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In her novel Lucy: A Novel Lucy is having all these feelings about her family and not wanting to be where they were and so she leaves to make herself better from them because it seemed as though they were holding her down.

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Lucy is pretty well off without her family and she sends a letter to her mother saying “I wish I could love someone so much that I would die from it.” I believe this quote is put in this novel because Kincaid knows that Lucy who seems to be exactly in the same position as Kincaid once was known that she cannot love because by her loving it’s all a scam.