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The third installment in Japanese-Online's Japanese lessons, Sentence Structures explores more advanced Japanese grammar, dealing with topics such as verb tenses, particles, interrogative case and conjunctions.

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Several field trips within Gifu Prefecture (Gujo, Toki, etc) and to nearby prefectures are included in the Course to deepen the students' understanding and appreciation of Japanese culture. Homestay experiences are also available to observe and participate in the everyday life of Japanese homes. The University also offers a field trip for overseas students.

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Six years ago, after 15 years teaching mainstream students and those with special needs, I enthusiastically took up the challenge to become a Japanese teacher. I now teach part-time across 2 sites. Having spent a year with my family as a JET in northern Hokkaido, I have recently returned to teaching with a renewed vigour and enthusiasm for all things Japanese! I’m delighted to be back on the JLTAWA Committee as Secretary and look forward to working with the Committee to promote the teaching of Japanese language and culture across WA.

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This program is designed to provide teachers of the Japanese language in overseas organizations who are early in their career with an opportunity to improve their Japanese language skills, acquire the basic teaching methodology and deepen their knowledge of Japan.

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The Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, Urawa (JFJLI, Urawa) organizes the training programs on the Japanese language, Japanese language teaching methodology and Japanese culture for those currently working as Japanese language teachers teaching outside of Japan.
The eligibility, duration, and content differ in every program.

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Training is provided to Japanese language teachers who are independently engaged in projects to resolve problems or challenges in developing teaching materials or curriculums so that they can improve their specialist knowledge and techniques in order to complete their projects. Applications as a team are accepted to accomplish certain projects. However, only three persons from each team can participate in the program.
Both native and non-native speakers of Japanese may participate in this program.

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After too many years as a classroom teacher, I jumped at the chance to retrain as a teacher of Japanese and now enjoy teaching Primary students 1-6. Numerous trips to Japan, many on school visits and study course has kept my passion for Japan and its language and I enjoy sharing and fostering this passion with my students.

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Training is provided on specific themes of (i) Teaching Japanese grammar and (ii) Course Design in fiscal 2018, to deepen knowledge on teaching theories and methodologies and to improve educational capacity, with the aim of resolving issues in educational settings.
Both native and non-native speakers of Japanese may participate in this program.

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This program is designed to provide teachers of the Japanese language in overseas organizations, who have more than two years of experience in teaching, with an opportunity to improve their teaching methodology and Japanese language skills, and to cultivate their ability to understand other cultures. Special quota for Teachers of the Japanese language for Japanese descendants is set for the Short-Term Training Program for Teachers of the Japanese language (Winter Course) aimed at Japanese language teachers of Japanese descendants who teach at Japanese language educational organizations for Japanese descendants in Central and South America.