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So what is John McCain's latest excuse to keep blocking this thing forever? Well, before today's hearing, the senior senator from Arizona must have gotten certified as a professional statistician, because he has qualms!

McCain also once re-wrote the ..

This has been a career-making performance for John McCain. He should run for president!

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John McCain wants some hearings on the Pentagon report's findings, sure, but it's not clear why, since he thinks the report is trash. Not until the very end of this six-month study, which he wanted, did he start mentioning that he had problems with the fundamental concept of the report: This report only looks at the effects of implementation on the troops, not whether the policy should be repealed. That's his line nowadays, or one of them. He's incapable of figuring out that if the report determines, conclusively, that the effects of implementation would be trivial, then that pretty much answers the question of whether the policy should be repealed. Unless you (a) hate gay people or are (b) blocking popular legislative items for the sole reason that if they passed, many Americans might hate their current president a little less.

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Remember that time that John McCain ordered his wife, a celebrity supporter of the repeal, to shut the hell up, because it was making him look bad? It was only a few weeks ago.

In his opening statement, Mullen seemed to issue a direct challenge to McCain.

John McCain is increasingly mad as hell about President Trump

Hagee has been out of the limelight since Republican presidential candidate John McCain rejected his endorsement in the 2008 campaign because of remarks that many were thought were anti-Catholic and insensitive to Jews.

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