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I’m interested in your comment about MARCoNS possibly infecting the jaw and dental cavities. I believe an infected root canal caused a nonstop sinus infection that hasn’t gone away despite countless drugs and two sinus surgeries, but I can’t convince the numerous doctors and dentists to agree that an infection in that area could infect the sinuses (and I’ve been to some of the best).

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Second Annual Rosary to the Interior: For the Purification of the Church, Feb 2, 2019.

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claiming that Hitler and his last battalion had boarded submarines at the end of the war, escaped to Argentina, and then established a base for in the hole leading to the inside of the Earth at the South Pole.

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I have to teach this poem, and I saw the explication. Very good interpretation of the poem and very well written too. If I disagree with any comment, it is this: “A person with a firm faith can embark on the discovery of the self, and survive unscathed in the process.” The poet does not speak of faith anywhere in the poem, I think. On the whole, the analysis is very useful for both teachers and students. Thank you.

Gardner thought that mammoths and other extinct creatures wandered freely in the interior of the earth.

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Imagine that you are in your special place now. Look around. Look CAREFULLY. Use your sense of sight to take in all of the detailsyou can--even the ones you may never have noticed before. Maybe thereare little cracks in the ceiling, if there is a ceiling. Maybe thereare colors or textures you've never noticed before. It's amazinghow many things we see every day but never really SEE. Now listen. Listen to all the special sounds in your special place. Even a veryquiet place has lots of sounds if you really listen. Maybe thereis the sound of your house shifting. Maybe there is traffic awayin the distance. I don't know. You must listen for the specialsounds of YOUR place. And smells. Nearly everything in theworld has its own smell. Maybe you've never noticed the smells ofyour special place, but I'll bet they feel comfortable and safe. See if you can identify several smells. Wood has a smell. Earthhas a smell. Your place probably smells like you, too. Reallybreathe in the smells of your special place. The air may even havea taste--see if it does. Now take your hand and touch various thingsin your space. Feel the textures and temperatures of your space. Are the surfaces rough or smooth? Warm or cool? Damp or dry? Really explore your space with your sense of touch.

Perhaps this has happened because new discoveries continue to show there is no validity to most of the hollow-earth ideas.

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The poem is a monologue, the apt form for introspection

In addition to this kind of a hollow-earth there may be a "hollow Mars." A discovered in the antarctic suggests that bacteria may have, and might continue to, exist underground on the red planet.