I will identify and compare my dominant learning style with other LS.

Compare and Contrast:
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The antecedent influence desirable and undesirable behaviors.
Identifying and changing antecedents, can increase student learning and minimize antecedents that interfere with successful learning.

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Compare and contrast the four differences in learning styles

James and Gardner (1995), for example, define learning style as the "complex manner in which, and conditions under which, learners most efficiently and most effectively perceive, process, store, and recall what they are attempting to learn" (p.

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After determining, the learning styles that best fit me and completing an inventory exercise, I have concluded that I learn best using audio and visual techniques in the learning process.

Commonly, the three most pertinent and all-encompassing learning styles are visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.

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During the task, the teacher monitors and encourages all attempts at communication without correcting. Willis suggests that this harbours a free environment in whish learners are willing to experiment (as mistakes aren’t important)9. At this stage in a PPP lesson the focus would be very much on accuracy, with all mistakes corrected. During the planning stage, the learners are aware that their output will be ‘made public’ and will consequently aim for accuracy. The role of the teacher here is therefore to provide assistance with regard to language advice10. The teacher then chairs the report, and comments on the content. At this stage, the focus is on both fluency and accuracy11. Also, the learners may hear a recording or read a text of a similar task, in order to compare how they did it.

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A need to achieve the objectives of the task and report on it provide short-term motivation. Long-term motivation will be gained from successfully completing tasks14. Bowen (2002) notes that the range of useable tasks15 offer a great deal of flexibility and should also lead to more motivating activities for learners16. TBL also therefore accommodates different learning styles

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(University of Washington, 2013) Forming Tuckman maintains that during the forming stage individuals are compelled by a need for approval and avoiding conflict and controversy.