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Who smokes marijuana anymore? Because of more sophisticated marketing, people can now vape it, eat it, drink it and apply it, leading to an explosion in sales.

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Possessing and selling cannabis for non-medical purposes is still illegal everywhere in Canada.

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Cannabis is currently an illegal substance (with the exception of authorized medical use) under the federal Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

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Gov. Philip D. Murphy signed an executive order aimed at loosening the state’s restrictive medical marijuana policies put in place by former Gov. Chris Christie.

cannabis (marijuana) laws in Canada will change, and how cannabis will be strictly regulated.

The legality of cannabis varies from country to country

We are recommending this approach as an entry point, and we will closely monitor all aspects of it as the system unfolds. There will be much to learn immediately after the system is put in place, and we will continuously improve what works and make changes to what doesn’t.

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Our approach to legalization aims to reduce the risks of cannabis use by youth by deterring them from consuming it. This includes setting a minimum age of 18. While we know some people under 18 will continue to use cannabis, we may deter some from trying it and thereby help protect them from health risks associated with the consumption of cannabis by young people.

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There are public health and safety risks that are associated with cannabis use, including its effects on the mental development of young people and illicit profits that support criminal organization. Until cannabis laws change, and strict regulations and restrictions are put in effect, local police authorities will continue to address illegal cannabis possession and sales.

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The province plans to make additional announcements about the legalization of cannabis as decisions are finalized. Government will continue to review the feedback it received through consultation as it develops the plans and strategy going forward. This website will be updated as announcements are made.

Pennsylvania's budding medical marijuana dispensaries have just about run out of pot.

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Our approach recognizes that reducing the illicit market for cannabis is one of the goals of legalization. Other than approved sales for medical use, cannabis has only been available illegally in Canada.

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We have a system in place to deal with impairment. With cannabis legalization, we will review all aspects of the system to ensure those tools can also address impairment by cannabis, and we will work with workplaces and law enforcement to put in place any new tools required.

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Who smokes marijuana anymore? Because of more sophisticated marketing, people can now vape it, eat it, drink it and apply it, leading to an explosion in sales.