The combination of law and love makes her the goddess of .

Love is only one of the many things she's goddess of - she handles health, positive emotions, and pleasure in general - but it's one of the more focused-on.

Prende, goddess of love and beauty; Armenian mythology

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Astghik, goddess of fertility and love; Aztec mythology

Meaning: Be weary of anyone offering something; they may have an ulterior motive.
Greek Myth: Though it may have been Virgil in his masterpiece the Aeneid who immortalized this phrase ( Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes...—" I fear Greeks even bearing gifts"), it can initially be attributed to the Trojan Horse and the "gift" the goddess Athene gave Priam's barricaded city. The horse contained armed men who sacked Troy during the night.

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One more feature to be mentioned about Hawaiian gods and goddesses is that the more power they were assumed to have, the more different forms they were thought to take at will.

My Goddess likes to consider herself a Goddess of Love, but Peorth is a love goddess in a more .
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Meaning: A handsome young man.
Greek Myth:A product of incest, Adonis was a beautiful youth whom the goddess of love, Aphrodite, eventually fell in love with. Adonis was tragically killed by Aphrodites other lover Ares , diguised as a boar.

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As Martha Beckwith says in Hawaiian Mythology, "It seems to me therefore probable that different immigrant families brought with them the gods and ritual familiar to them." Unlike the Hindu system, which at least tries to form the gods and goddesses of many different peoples, times, and places into an integrated whole, the Hawaiians seldom bothered to do so, allowing vastly different traditions to exist side by side in happy chaos.

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The Goddess Frigga, who sat at her spindle weaving the destiny of man and gods alike, was the goddess associated with the beginning of each new year. New Year's eve, the longest night of the year, is called "Mother Night" in Northern Europe for it was in the darkness of that night that the goddess Frigga labored to give birth to Baldur who was so pleasant and 'radiant' was beloved of all the gods. Referred to as the or the god of the midsummer sun, celebrations of his life, death and resurrection were held at midsummer and usually involved watching the sun set and rise. His myths were immortalized in the 'Sun God' Symphony. The blessing of Frigga is still invoked for birthing women with a white candle that last burned during the winter solstice being used as a charm to ensure a safe delivery.

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Most likely a member of the setting's ruling pantheon, but could be any character (including a mortal) who is regarded by other characters as a goddess of love.

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One album ("Freya's Necklace") focuses on Heimdall, Odin and Freya and how she as Goddess of Love embodies both the physical and emotional acts of love (, while ).

Goddess of love "alter ego" of Sekhmet: Heket:

To people familiar with the Greek Olympians as a family opposing the Titans as a family, or the Norse Aesir against the Vanir, relations between Hawaiian gods and goddesses seem incomprehensible.