What are the medical purposes of tobacco?

More and more of us are growing our own fruit and vegetables, so why aren't more of us learning how to grow tobacco at home too? The fact that tobacco can be grown in so many places and for so little money it is really surprising that more smokers, dippers, and snuffers don't grow their own. The fact is, most people don’t know how. Most people don’t realize how amazingly simple it is to grow your own tobacco right at home!

Medicinal uses of Tobacco in History - Anne Charlton, 2004

For medicinal purposes, though, it was often used externally and absorbed through the skin.

Tobacco Research for Medicinal Purposes - USDA

Yes, all sorts of deals were going on throughout this period-distilleries without a "medicine" license were selling their Hocks to those who had a license, others maintained warehouses where those with licenses could store their whiskey under government supervision, and an unofficial cartel sent Owsley Brown of Brown-Forman to Europe to try to sell over 20,000 barrels of bourbon-a mission that was only partially successful.

The long forgotten healing properties of tobacco

Beneficial in traditional medicine as a general tonic, this handsome herbaceous perennial produces large rounded leaves with a rosette of creamy tubular flowers.

medicinal herbs: INDIAN TOBACCO - Lobelia inflata

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By most accounts, prohibition wasn't so dry after all