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It’s a great opportunity for me to start learning english language by listening to your lessons through your amazing site. So in this occasion, I like to thank you for accepting me as one of the student in your class.I hope in the near future I can learn English by your seven rules and assistance instead of the waste so many years along unable to learn english language.
Once again, thanks alot.
Adel AlHashim

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today i learn the importance of complete words for to learn englis quicly . very interesting
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yea, this website is very helpfull for me, n i have to really effort to learn english until i’ll be like the native speaker. i am a student of English department, n i need to learn english outside of my college to be active in english … so i hope this rule usefull for me.

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I really liked Learn English Conversation Rule 1 – Always Study and Review Phrases | Learn Real English Conversation Now. Perpetual motion machines and other power generating devices supposedly influenced by zero point energy are usually highly controversial and, oftentimes, in violation of a number of the fundamental laws of physics.

It is a fantastic site & I’m sure my English will improve with the 7 rules of Learn Real English.
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I really feel it’s amazing. I have been learning English for ages through various methods. Even though still I face lot of difficulties to communicate with people, mainly organising the correct group of words to express the ideas which I want to performed. Now I realised the perfect method of learning English language as a whole.
Thank you so much for your guys best effort to delivering such a marvellous English lessons for the community.

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You are nice guys. I like the idea and the way you speak. Your speech is grammatically correct and distinct, and I can easily comprehend it. But when I was to the US, I couldn’t make heads or tales of what people around me were saying, or what the announcers in the plane were saying. A bunch of guys next to me were speaking in English and I couldn’t understand a single word. I hope to overcome that dreadful diffuculty with your help. Thanks a lot! Have a great day!

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i don’t know what to say, but i need your help.
After 5 monthes i will travel to my husband to Dubi.
I have to speak english so fast,cause there i’m going to work in an institut
and as you know in Dubi most of people are foriegn, so i’m going to be in touch with them most of the time.
plz help me!!!!! I don’t wanna be upset when i’m going to talk with them.
By the way, i received your first three rules, and i think it will work.
but i need more help to be able to speak english fluently as soon as possible.

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It`s so true! Of course we have to study sentences or phrases, it is more simple for us to teach what a word means in different situations. Thank you all of LearnRealEnglish for this. I can`t wait to see the next rule.