(Forms of Music Censorship)What are some forms of music censorship?

The explicit content promoted drug/alcohol use and degraded outlooks on women
-Music was related to East and West Coast rivalry in 1990 w/ resulted in deaths of popular rappers
-Heavy metal music blamed for school shooting in 1999, they were fans of gothic/heavy metal music

"Censorship Today - Music Censorship." Music Censorship.

Censorship has been around since the development of music.

(History of Music Censorship) Album covers that were explicit were either changed or banned.

They refuse the stock of music with explicit lyrics and artwork.

Also helps to control drugs, alcohol, and violence among its listeners.
Music Censorship
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is censoring lyrics important?
Music plays an important part in our lives today, but not all parents are always aware of what kind of lyrics their children listen to....
- Hip hop & rap are mainly being targeted for violence in teens.

Some of the music was said to be blatantly pro-drug lyrics.

" music provides a powerful form of expression that at its most basic levels helps to entertain while containing the power to cause revolutions."
Music Censorship

(Forms of Music Censorship)What is the history behind music censorship?
"Hip-Hop and Rap Lyrics Can Be Useful Teaching Tools."Should Music  Lyrics Be Censored?

The Pros and Cons of Music Censorship :: Pro Con Essays

It also takes away freedom of speech and expression.
Censorship on Music
It also shows that because books give knowledge they dont want people to read them.

2014."Should Censorship in Music Exist?" The Premier Online Debate Website.

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Taking away music lyrics is taking away a form of expression.
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"It was a pleasure to burn." (Bradbury)
"An 18 year was suspended from a Michigan promoting the band korn."(Nuzum)
This shows how teens cant express themselves as freely without getting punished.
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This shows how music is a form of self expression with many people today.
Based on the 3 sources given we have come to the conclusion that censorship shouldn't exist in music.

"Hip-Hop and Rap Lyrics Can Be Useful Teaching Tools."Should Music  Lyrics Be Censored?

Music lyrics should be censored not in ..

English signs at more than 4,000 train stations were removed, sales of records and songs with English titles or lyrics were prohibited, and bars and restaurants in the Ginza were not allowed to have “European-like” names.