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Booker, Kevin, Scott Gilpatric, Timothy Gronberg, and Dennis Jansen. 2008. “The Effect of Charter Schools on Traditional Public School Students in Texas: Are Children Who Stay Behind Left Behind?” Journal of Urban Economics 64: 123-145.

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A One-Call will be made to all students and staff announcing Non-Traditional School Days.

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Students will be required to complete all tasks assigned during a non-instructional day. Extended time will be available for those circumstances whereby the work could not be completed due to extenuating circumstances (i.e., loss of power, lost packet).

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Just as students may have different educational backgrounds, they may well have different educational goals. Traditional 2-year and 4-year colleges may not suit everyone’s career goals, and many students choose to enroll in vocational schools and technical colleg s as a way to obtain the education they need to move quickly, and successfully, into the national workforce. Students choosing this educational path also require financial aid, and many scholarship programs have been developed to help them reach their goals. Here at College Scholarships we have two sections with information designed to help these students find the financial aid they need. Interested students should refer to the following pages:

Non-traditional students fall outside of the preconceived norms for college-bound students
A nontraditional student refers to a category of students at colleges and universities

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Non-traditional students face a number of different obstacles in their quest for a college education. Non-traditional students are typically adults who are returning to school to complete an interrupted education, or are heading to college for job training to make them more successful in the workforce. Military personnel, both active and retired, also fall into this category. In many cases, these non-traditional students must juggle a return to school with work and family responsibilities, making their college career even more challenging.

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In short, there’s an empirical disagreement about whether charter schools will have positive or negative indirect effects on students in district public schools. Unfortunately, the charter-school admission lotteries can’t help us identify indirect effects, which are methodologically much more difficult to measure than are the direct effects. Short of randomizing charter schools to different communities, no study of indirect effects will ever have the level of internal validity that is possible in a lottery-based study of direct effects. Even so, it is possible to conduct a careful non-experimental study of indirect effects, relying on longitudinal data on individual students and observing changes in student outcomes in district schools following the establishment or growth of charter schools nearby. As charter schools have grown in communities across the country over the last two decades, 11 different studies have done exactly that.

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Delegate panels will be structured to incorporate a mix of both traditional and new formats such as short ‘lightning talk’ presentations, alongside more discursive and interactive ‘work in progress’ sessions. The opportunity to present academic work in these non-traditional formats provides an excellent way to develop ideas, presentation skills and to build potential networks. We encourage anyone who is interested in getting involved with these alternative presentation formats – but is unsure about how to do so – to get in touch with the conference committee. We also welcome any further suggestions or requests from the postgraduate community to help make this annual gathering a real success. We are committed to ensuring that the conference helps fulfill postgraduate training needs and aim to make the event useful and relevant for delegates. Learning from each other will be a key focus and there will be ample opportunity for attendees to get together and discuss their work. Social events including the conference dinner and pub quiz will enable friendships and potential academic networks and partnerships to form and grow.