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Exercising is definitely good, but shed at least 10% of your body weight. Pasta, rice and potatoes are converted to sugars in your body, which may heighten your risk of diabetes – and there’s evidence that fatty liver and diabetes are linked. So, the first thing I would do is limit the beer, and only drink one at a time – I was a beer drinker, and I found that pouring it into a glass with a meal actually make me drink a lot more slowly, so I could cut it down without craving more. Begin to balance your meals with vegetables. Perhaps halve the pasta and substitute with veggies. Drink more water as well. It’s still early, so you certainly have time to turn things around.

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Hello Chris. Unfortunately, I can’t help you with finding information in Mexico, but the first step is look for information at your local hospital. You said she is thin, so there may be something other than diet as the cause, as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is mainly due to a so-called “Western lifestyle” of too much fast food, inactivity and diabetes. Other causes could be certain medications like methotrexate and tamoxifen, high doses of Tylenol, viral hepatitis, Wilson’s disease, or even rapid weight loss. Raw vegetable drinks is great, but as part of a balanced diet.

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I would slow down on the weight loss, it could actually worsen your condition. The diet I recommend on this site is the best … it is high in fiber, vegetables and fruits, and low in fat and grease. Lose weight gradually. No crash diets. Cut down on all alcohol, most coffee and replace with water and tea. There’s now lots of evidence of a link between diabetes and a fatty liver, so you have to get diabetes under control first. Good luck!

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Does your doctor say you have or may have Fatty Liver Disease? When someone is diagnosed with Fatty Liver Disease, or hepatic steatosis, they may often wonder how it happened – why exactly did their liver get fat and what does this mean for their quality of life?

First, you should know that this an increasingly common health problem, and you don’t have to drink a lot of alcohol to get it – in fact, the majority of cases have nothing to do with drinking.

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