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This FAQ addresses only assertions that are frivolous, and onlyquestions of law, not politics or economics. It is not the purpose ofthis FAQ to criticize any opinion, or stifle any debate, about theproper scope or operation of the federal tax system. For example,claims that the federal income tax is unfair, morally equivalent totheft, or bad economic policy are all matters of opinion, not law,and are outside the scope of this FAQ. However, a claim that thefederal income tax is unconstitutional, unenforceable, orinapplicable is an assertion of law and is within the scope of thisFAQ.

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Certainly Dickens was sympathetic to the working poor—what he would have considered to be the good or "deserving" poor. Examples of these are the Plornish family in Little Dorrit, as well as working-class characters down on their luck, like Stephen Blackpool in Hard Times, or middle-class characters struggling to hide their loss of class status as the result of poverty, like Bob Cratchit in A Christmas Carol. Dickens was almost always sympathetic to poor women, including prostitutes like Nancy in Oliver Twist, and children like Jo the street sweeper in Bleak House.

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