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Theprogramme is delivered over 20 weeks to pupils inthe first year of primary school, in groups of two to four children, three times a week, alongsidesome individual sessions. Trained Teaching Assistants run the programme, withsessions focusing on listening, narrative and vocabulary skills. The programme also includesprofessional development for the Teaching Assistants and non-specialistteachers, delivered by Elklan, a training agency specialising in supporting speech and languagedevelopment. Teachers are given comprehensive resources to assist with planning,teaching and assessment, including teaching handbooks, picture cards, a puppetand assessment support. Additionally, there will be webinars and email supportwith specialist tutors throughout the intervention.

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Andrea Quincey, Head of English,UK Education at OUP, said, Oxford University Press is driven by a strong sense of social purpose –helping teachers and schools to improve children’s educational life chances. Webelieve that the Nuffield Early Language Intervention programme is a powerfulcombination of resources, proven pedagogies and professional development thatwill bring about a positive impact in the classroom and beyond.’

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In 2016, the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) published anevaluation study of the Nuffield Early Language Intervention programme. Thestatistically significant results from 34 schools demonstrated that theprogramme increased the attainment of levels of 4- to 5- year-olds invocabulary, grammar and listening skills and improved language and children’sconfidence. The EEF designated the intervention as a ‘promising project’ anda further, larger-scale trial involving 200 classrooms is currentlyunderway, independently evaluated by a team from Queen’s University, Belfast.

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If a first degree is taught for at least 2 years fully in English, and no more than 5 years have passed since the student was taught in English, the Admissions office can consider the degree for English language acceptability. These degrees will be considered on a case by case basis. Students will need to supply academic transcript and confirmation letter from central university administration confirming the course is taught and examined in English for at least 2 years.

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The Nuffield Early Language Intervention programme has beendeveloped by a team led by Professor Maggie Snowling, President of St John’s,and Charles Hulme, Professor of Psychology and Education at the University of Oxford, togetherwith Claudine Bowyer-Crane, Senior Lecturer, Psychology in Education,University of York and Silke Fricke, Senior Lecturer, Human CommunicationSciences, University of Sheffield. It has been developed with funding from the NuffieldFoundation, and allmaterials included in the programme are being published by Oxford UniversityPress.

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The following English language tests are also accepted to meet the English language entry requirements for an undergraduate or postgraduate taught programme of study at the relevant level. Please refer to the English language requirements above by subject area to find out what IELTS equivalent is required for your chosen course.

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Any student who scores 6.5 or below on the IELTS writing element (W) (or equivalent) is required to attend the Queen Mary In-sessional programme : Critical Thinking and Writing in Law. This programme is free to Queen Mary registered students and runs in Semesters 1, 2, and 3. Students with higher English language scores may join the programme for free if they wish. Please see for more information.