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I just asked this question - what is the difference between "pick up and knit" and "pick up" stitches on the Knitter's Review forum. Thank you for the answer.

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I'm off to reknit a wee log-cabin washcloth, only this time with the plain pick up stitches.

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Funny thing. I "pick up and knit" exactly the same way you do, but I had to read your instructions twice. I would have described it completely differently.

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Thanks so much for the tutorial. I don't particularly like picking up stitches OR picking-up-and-knitting stitches because I always seem to go at it willy-nilly. It leads to interesting results at times.

Others picked up on the moon base one, but another typo was: “really [a] super”

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Step 5. I find the first loop of the source bind off, and choose the inner leg. I know that right about now some of you lost your everloving minds. You are coming unglued because you've always been taught that you should pick up both legs, because the work is allegedly stronger. Well... I know no master and this works better for me. In my experience, picking up both legs isn't any stronger. Most knitting is one single strand of yarn carried through another single strand, and I don't see any reason to change here, and picking up both strands creates a large ridge on the other side of the work that I don't care for, especially in a project like a blanket. Not doing it, and it works just fine.

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A couple of questions on your otherwise very clear instructions on picking up stitches.

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Please M'am, a question...which do you use for sock gussets? i use pick up, as you have described and then i knit them twisted. it makes a pretty little loopy. i stopped trying to learn entralac because i could not pick up in a way that i liked, i.e. without a big lumpty mess. maybe now that you've lessoned us, i can.

Thanks for making the distiction between "pick up" and "pick up and knit"

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Oh Gawd. Is there a third option? Because I haven't done either of those in the dozens of times I've picked up.

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Step 4. Now I'm at the point where the direction of the source knitting changes. Now I'm collecting stitches from the length wise rather than vertical edge of the garter stitch. Since the work has changed direction and what I have to pick up has changed, I'm changing techniques. If I were married to "pick up" rather than "pick up and knit" at this point I would have some trouble collecting the little gaffers. Luckily, I have another way to go about it.
I'm going to switch to "pick up and knit".