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Do you agree? How do you determine what to tip for good or bad service? You may also want to hear other people’s opinions on tipping, as we’ve discussed this topic before both and .

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No one sees it as a bad thing except irrational liberals. Its populism, from the word POPULAR. The power in the left wants to see a borderless world, with an all powerful central government that controls everything and everyone. That produces all goods, provides all cervices, provides all the information people are allowed to know. And people do not want this. People want to honor their past, and have pride in their backgrounds. People want the freedom to choose their own way, and to speak what is on their mind. People do not want to work hard, only to be told that they do not deserve what they have earned, and that someone else, that just showed up should get half of it. Its like the left wing read 1984, and just loved it so much, they couldn’t wait to see it happen. The Muslim influence comes from the way that Saudi Arabia has been purchasing influence in the USA and England with their oil money for 50 years now. And yes, people don’t like this. But NO ONE is looking to infringe on the rights of others. Only to maintain equal rights for themselves. No one out there can honestly say that white men are not mistreated. Even the fact that they work harder, and therefore earn a bit more money is being used against them.

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Primitive precursors of pride probably motivated our ancestors to act in altruistic and communitarian ways, for the good of the tribe, and the physical display of pride both reinforced such behavior and signaled to the group that this person was worthy of respect.

Generosity, integrity, disinterestedness all these are good

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