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The 80th birthday party table ideas shown here are meant for our dearest grannies. Grandmas deserve memorable birthdays. Therefore, to make such special days worth remembering, decorate the tables using lots of creative ideas. , votives, frames to vintage themed decor, you will get many cool ideas below. Pick one that truly compliments your granny’s style.

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I am thankful to have known such a lady, even for a short time in my life. I hope I can positively impact as many people as she did in her 93 years of life. She gave us all big shoes to fill, that’s for sure. We will miss her, will never forget her, and will see her again someday. ‘Til then, I will make Grandma’s Italian Lasagna to remember her by.

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Anna Mary Robertson Moses made her public debut at the Galerie St. Etienne in October 1940. Otto Kallir had titled the exhibition "What a Farmwife Painted," thinking that the artist's name, completely unknown, did not merit attention. It was only some months later that a journalist, interviewing friends in Eagle Bridge, came upon and then popularized the local nickname "Grandma Moses." The St. Etienne exhibition, though well publicized and well attended, was only a modest success. What really got Moses' career rolling was a Thanksgiving Festival organized by Gimbels Department Store shortly after the St. Etienne show closed. A substantial group of paintings was reassembled at Gimbels, and the artist was invited to come to New York. In her little black hat and lace-collared dress, accompanied by the proprietary Caroline Thomas, Moses (perhaps remembering her experiences at the country fair) delivered a forthright public address on her jams and preserved fruits. The hardboiled New York press corps was delighted, and the legend of Grandma Moses was born.

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