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The largest impact of the Coleman Report has been in the linkage of education research to education policy. It is difficult to find other areas of public policy where there is such a clear and immediate path from new research to the courts, to legislatures, and to policy deliberations. It is not unusual for research findings of working papers still with wet ink to be offered as proof that a new policy must be enacted.

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That families have a strong, if not overwhelming, effect on student achievement is one of the most frequently repeated bumper-sticker claims of those who cite the Coleman Report. Analysts who claim that poverty explains the problems of the American school readily refer to Coleman as proof. The Economic Policy Institute’s Richard Rothstein has declared that “the influence of social class characteristics is probably so powerful that schools cannot overcome it, no matter how well trained are their teachers and no matter how well designed are their instructional programs and climates.” The campaign for a Broader, Bolder Approach to Education hints at the standard interpretation of the Coleman findings when it asserts that “poverty, which has long been the biggest obstacle to educational achievement, is more important than ever.”

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Among researchers with an understanding of the best ways to estimate causal effects on educational achievement, none would rely on the methodology used by the Coleman team to estimate the effect of schools or teachers. The stepwise regression was problematic even in the 1960s and has been totally discredited as a method for estimating causal effects in the 50 years since.
Given this, I take the Coleman Report conclusions stated above as hypotheses, not as findings. What does current evidence say about these hypotheses?

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The report found that the gap between advantaged and disadvantaged students in digital reading was very similar to the differences in performance in the traditional PISA reading test, despite the vast majority of students using computers whatever their background. This suggests that to reduce inequalities in digital skills, countries need to improve equity in education first.

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Moreover, the exact channels through which family resources have their impact on educational and lifetime successes remain uncertain. Is reading to the child decisive? Is the vocabulary of the parents? Is it the greater access to medical and dental services that children of more resourceful parents enjoy? Is it the more-sensitive child-rearing practices of the better-educated? Is it the greater interaction with adults that can occur in two-parent families that counts? Do more-resourceful parents find ways to place their children in more-effective educational settings? Most important, little evidence shows that just providing money to families can change the relevant family inputs, whatever they are.

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Coleman did report a good deal of disparity in school resources from one part of the United States to the other, with the South lagging far behind the Northeast. But, within regions, racial differences in available resources were modest. Although it is difficult to make precise comparisons between then and now, the regional and racial disparities of today in education inputs are probably quite similar to those Coleman reported in 1966.