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UCLA’s Communication Studies/Speech majors will be among the experts who help our society answer these questions. Our graduates will conduct the research on communication and the revolutionary uses (and users) of technology in the twenty-first century. If this task sounds rigorous and challenging, know that the coursework Groeling, Malamuth, and Steen develop will prepare them. Communication Studies majors rarely become "techies" or hackers. They go on to law school, graduate school and industry, becoming executives and administrators whose advanced "techy" knowledge allows them to perform roles vital to industry, media production and management, commerce, law, public safety, and education.

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revolutionary language by 1773 was sounding in virtually every adult ear in Massachusetts, and that there was a fluid continuum of discourse joining the Boston press and town meeting and the talk in meetings and taverns throughout the Province. (Bushman, “Massachusetts Farmers and the Revolution,” 79-81 quoted by Ray Raphael in The First American Revolution: Before Lexington and Concord, [The New Press, New York, 2002] 35.)

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Adams hinted at the nature of the "mechanism" when he directed Americans interested in finding how the Revolution had come about to look at the "records, records, pamphlets, newspaper, and even handbills, which in any way contributed to change the temper and views of the people, and compose them into an independent nation."

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Steen uses a compelling corollary to demonstrate the Internet’s repercussions. In fact, it’s a major communications revolution, equally as influential as the creation of television. "To find a comparable revolution in communication technology," Steen argues, "we need to go all the way back to the invention of the printing press in the 1470’s."

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Steen and Groeling find their instruction has even more acute relevance since September 11. Technology had a horrifying impact on that infamous day, but in the days after, performed a benevolent role. While the terrorists probably did their last-minute communication online, more than 100 million Americans also used e-mail to contact New Yorkers and their loved ones in the aftermath.*

The typewriter was vital to the communications revolution because it provided a way for the blind to clearly write.

Communication Revolution in Antebellum Period.

In a very real sense, the American revolution could NOT have happened without the mail and the other systems by which Americans exchanged ideas. Building consensus and a communal identity required a shared understanding that could only be developed through an ongoing civic conversation that took place through the use of informal conversations, letters, speeches, meetings, newspapers, pamphlets, broadsides, and books.

These previous devices were one way radios, Edison’s new invention revolutionized communication creating the phonograph.

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Loyalist Daniel Leonard, writing on January 9, 1776 as Massachusetts in the Boston Gazette, used precisely this sense of division as a basis for warning that a revolution would be disastrous for "Americans":

Because of this invention we now have a keyboard with a computer system that is leading us through another communications revolution as we speak.

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Everything started with the post office, which in time led to a telegraph, then improvements in the newspaper presses, and finally the type writer The Communication Revolution of the 19th century The telegraph was going to effect the news paper industry, they needed to do something...