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: How has Feminism influenced contemporary art practice and is Feminism still relevant to artists today? This seminar brought together curators, artists and academics to explore and discuss the frictions and struggles surrounding gender, feminism and activism.

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For centuries, the Mediterranean has constituted both a dynamic cultural contact zone and a divide between Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. The seminar invites contributions that deal with trans-Mediterranean journeys in Shakespearean drama, but also with the travels of the plays themselves in translation and adaptation. Particularly welcome are papers that discuss how Shakespeare’s plays, and stage productions of these plays, address today’s issues of migration across the Mediterranean.

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This seminar brings together scholar-performers—academics who perform in, direct, or are otherwise involved in Shakespeare performance—to ask how we might overcome traditional barriers fortified by specialized epistemologies and lexicons. How do book work, blocking, and rehearsal exercises challenge scholars’ understandings? How might scholarly work inform performance outside of historical consultation? How does performing Shakespeare provide new perspectives on “the archive” and “evidence”?


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What does the work reveal about the operations of patriarchy on an economic, social, and psychological level?
How are women represented within the text?
What were the social and historical conditions for women in this period that could contribute to understanding their roles and desires in the text?
What are the power relationships between men and women in the text?
What constitutes masculinity and femininity and how do the characters embody these traits?
What does the work reveal about the operations of patriarchy on an economic, social, and psychological level?
attempts to make women equal to men
provides reader with a different perspective on literature
outlines problems within society based on gender inequalities
provides a useful basis for interpreting history, culture, and society through the stories ofthe characters within text
the American point of view focuses only on the female perspective, possibly creating further inequalities
opinions may be biased since they may be based on the readers' and critics' personal experiences
the criticism mainly looks at how women are unfairly treated but may overlook the fact that some literature might portray women this way to reflect a greater message
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By the spring of 2017, as a collective group, we spent more time discussing ways to change the power structure and less time worrying about what other people thought about our feminist mission. When I recently asked the club if they would identify as activists, they responded in the affirmative, but anticipated that once they were on their own in college they would be taking even more action. (According to first-time, full-time college students in 2015 reported greater likelihoods of participating in student protests and demonstrations while in college compared to students surveyed the previous year.)

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Prereq: 12 credits in rhetoric, linguistics, or literature, excluding and
Seminar on topics central to the fields of rhetoric and professional communication or composition.

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22/02/2018 · Eventbrite - The Dickson Poon School of Law presents Transnational Legal Feminism Seminar - Friday, 16 March 2018 - Find event and ticket information.

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My own goal was to figure out how to channel this new fear and anger in the Age of Trump. The Feminist Eagles spent a few meetings processing the election results and this new “Trump Era.” However, they then forged on ahead to other topics. The students wanted to take action. The school social worker took a small group of students to the Women’s March in New York City in January. They reported back at our next session with photos and stories about partaking in the history-making moment.