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Following this, ’stransformation trajectory is outlined and fitted into ’squantitative and qualitative operation in the Atlantic World trading system,and the relative weight of the Atlantic World slave economy is determinedin several ways.

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This article discusses systems, history, and effects of slavery within Africa

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But, like the more recentimport substitution industrialization process in the non-Western world,the domestic market of the small economy of eighteenth-century Englandcould not sustain long-run expansion of manufacturing needed for a radicaltransformation of the organization and technology of industrial productionto successfully complete the process.

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Second to in large-scalemechanized manufacturing was the West Riding of Yorkshire, where the woolenindustry now concentrated, away from the earlier centers in and the West Country.

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From the middle to the last decades of the fifteenth century, the Portugueseexplored and established trading posts on the western coast of ,trading mainly gold but also establishing slave-worked plantations andproducing sugar on islands off the African coast.

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Growing employment in manufacturing and commerceled to growing population and rising wages in the export manufacturingregions, while population and wages stagnated in the second set of counties.

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Secondly, the Mediterranean-based network of international trade, of which had been an important part since the twelfth century,began to decline after the Black Death and "by the late fifteenth century,only small parts of it retained their former vigor."Thirdly, the growth of nation-states in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries,none of which was powerful enough to impose its will on the others, ledto an atomistic competition for resources among the states of . within as competition among the nation-states tended to encouragethe growth of self-sufficiency, each state employing protective measuresto stimulate domestic industrial production.

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It is argued that the growth of ’sinternational trade during the period was a critical factor in the processand that the evolution of the Atlantic World economic system, with itsexpanding multilateral trading network, was at the center of this enlargedinternational trade.

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They had to wait to be pulledinto the modern era by the dynamism of the leading regions following theconstruction of the railroads and the creation of the Victorian empire,both of which were the products of mechanized industry.

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The other is the unique role of (especially and the Middle Atlanticterritories) in the network of trade which developed over time among theeconomies of the .

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In this way, through direct and indirect stimulation, intra-European tradeexpanded at rates that were a multiple of the rate of growth of Atlanticcommerce itself, and the became a major factor in the commercialization of socio-economic life in between 1500 and 1800.