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In 1886, The Times of India advertised Emma as part of the Bentley’s Favourite Novels series, “the only complete edition other than the [famous] Steventon edition”.It should be noted that Thomas Macauley – the historian, colonialist, and author of the infamous – was also a Jane Austen fan.

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It is Austen’s peculiar brand of acid-bath realism, and her eye for the minutiae of social and class hypocrisy, which constantly catches the attention of critics.Emma is also the novel in which the inimitable Jane Austen persona appears at its most arch, and pyrotechnically accomplished.

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A quick glance at the British Library archives reveals an 1857 advertisement in The Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce for copies of Jane Austen’s Emma, “Just Received Overland – Per Steamer ‘Bombay’”.

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10 Facts Most People Do Not Know About Jane Austen …