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This relationship is especially apparent inlarger national and multinational corporations whose development is often closely tied toparallel developments in the societies in which they function.

No external force and agency can develop a society.

Each social behavior expresses not just a movement, but an attitude and intention of theperson.

Fear and insecurity were powerful social motives.

Socially, it leads to thelearning and mastery of organizational skills, vital attitudes, systems and institutionsthat enable people to manage their interactions with other people and other societies moreeffectively.

Indian society became more active and dynamic.

Recently emphasis hasshifted from the results to the enabling conditions, strategies and public policies forachieving those results—peace, democracy, social freedoms, equal access, laws,institutions, markets, infrastructure, education and technology.

India also lacked the socialorganization needed to support rapid change.

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As a microcosm and child of the society, companies develop by attuningthemselves to the direction, trends and changing needs of the wider society of which theyare a part in each of these five major areas.

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Government, social and cultural authority asexpressed through social norms, systems, institutions, laws, customs, and values determinethe effectiveness with which surplus energy is converted by society into productive power.

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Development of individuals and societies results in increasing freedom of choice and increasing capacity to fulfill its choices by its own capacity and initiative.

Now I am going to read you a list of institutions in American society

In the case of thesociety, the role of leadership is played by entrepreneurial pioneers that initiate newactivities and the psychological intensity of their pursuit is a critical determinant ofsuccess.

That aspiration exerts a powerful influence on the activities of the society.

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Only a small portion of human activity is organized for utilization by society, so only a small portion of development potential (of technology, knowledge, information, skills, systems) is tapped.


Development strategies will be most effective when they focus on identifying areas where the social will is mature and provide better means for the awakened social energy to express itself.

Socialization is important in the process of personality formation

The social will seeks progressive fulfillment of a prioritized hierarchy of needs – security of borders, law and order, self-sufficiency in food and shelter, organization for peace and prosperity, expression of excess energy in entertainment, leisure and enjoyment, knowledge, and artistic creativity.